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Construction on ninety five that's going to be south on the ramp to five ninety five two left lanes are blocked there Miami Dade we do have a crash that's gonna be a one ninety five west before Biscayne Boulevard blocking your right lane I'm a keeper so newsradio six ten W. Y. O. D. the number of people confirmed to have corona virus in Florida is now ten thousand two hundred sixty eight with one hundred seventy deaths of temporary curfew is now in effect for manatee county commissioners Friday voted to prohibit nonessential travel between eleven PM and five AM county commission chair Betsy Banak I do not do this in a political manner in any way and the idea that somehow we're trampling on people's rights you betcha and I was scaring people you betcha we want people to be scared we want them to stay home commissioners believe with fewer people on the roads the curfew will help emergency personnel responding to calls the curfew takes effect immediately police have a warning about cyber criminals sending emails appearing to come from hospitals warning recipients they have been exposed to the virus investigators say the scammers are after your personal information and cobit nineteen fraud should be reported to the authorities Florida's farm workers are suffering since the corona virus outbreak companies have canceled contracts with farms that in turn have laid off hundreds of workers is that right Jeffers works with colectivo arbol a nonprofit that provides assistance for migrant farm laborers she tells news channel eight farm workers are left with no insurance no money and have fear of being deported if they become ill and have to go to the hospital a lot of people that have a little kids you know they look up not to put it simply looking fine gold single can find nothing for yourself the Orange County school district is urging teachers not to use zoom for distance learning during a zoom video conferencing session for students of wolf lake middle school a man hacked in and exposed himself to an online class similar incidents have been reported elsewhere in the country with Florida's news I'm John Conrad frustrated with the a starkly low interest you're earning in the bank then you need to learn about modified endowment contracts call Steve traction Burgum said well thanks for your free report five six one seven five seven zero seven thirty one that's fine six.

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