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Because you yourself towns me. I want to challenge. What do you think throw. That's how they be saying that can play both ways. That's play antony robinson on the left. Brian reynolds on the right. The kid who plays for roma k. Who gregg berhalter has brought in a camp doing green luke. Del toro plays eric lewis in the era harrison ford against barcelona on the left in the center. Do you remember him. Do you remember people man timothy league champion. This is the bt. I didn't with zero major league soccer players now when you look at this. Ct my just keep in mind. Twenty seven major league soccer and not the best reputation of what could be. I didn't pick put in their holding out alpha. Who's undecided i didn't put indicating clark. I didn't put in a kate cow. I didn't put in their ricardo pepi. I left major league soccer out now. Certain would you agree a. b. that leaves us to the sea. No i would. Not one thing i will say. Is that aid team is scary. Maybe outside of josh. Sergeant is the number nine. He probably doesn't scare you right now. Is the number nine. I know his situation could change. Maybe by the time we get off the air but that a team is very very scary. And i'm i'm shocked but also i'm happy that you somehow managed to do this without. Mls players you'd make a point of it let me Okay so let me just make a point for some of the gold cup guys that we've left out and kind of you've you've picked over them you got eunice moose over sebastian legit. You know who doesn't have unicef over. Sebastian berhalter yes because he had them both available for the nation's league final one of them played the other didn't correct. You got brian reynolds bro. With one cap over reggie. Canon again educated. A player that played in the nation's the final. Just let them and that you're stretching so hard to your layers over the gold cup players. Look you got jesse's artis behind p folk the other day on the show you said. Artists was guaranteed to make the world cup. You ready to say jordan. Fuck is guaranteed to make the world cup. You're asking me to put up a in bt. Can't put up two separate rosters with limitations of not using major league soccer players now per year logic. Hold on hold on. I'm not done onum. No go ahead go ahead. You got luca. Dilatory with three cats and jewelry three year. Julian green telling a cost up over kellyn ecology. Dan hold on different position concede in a player. He started the nation's league final. That's that's the best metric that we could hasso for one when it comes to the cost of doing this homework this little homework session. You provided cost. If tomorrow there was a flight to qatar would be honest and if tomorrow there was a flight to guitar in the world cup was going on with tyler adams. Would you say injury. Worries and fitness worries. Over the last couple of seasons he may be a de facto started. This is what i learned in that. You're absolutely right there when you go. The majority of these players thirteen of zero minutes on the senior national team team. Okay and a rosters comprise compiled a twenty three players. That's over half already. We don't have any national team experience. You want me to concede that this is not a c team. Do the law of averages yourself look at the eighty team you could probably sebastian legit. When all these european players are there. Maybe is coming off the bench maybe killing a cost. But is there a clear cut starter here by your by your own law of averages other teams that actually beat mexico. My final of that eleven players. I just gave you matt. Turner had how many cats before this tournament. Don't look at the final outcome sev- around those guys. I'm talking about legit. Ken and a cost don artists. Those are the guys that i'm talking about. The point here is that for you make it an eighteen. What are we doing here. Not of the eleven players half of them are arab players. That doesn't make it a c team. It may not be an eighteen at somewhere in between which is a be the bottom line. Here is the bottom line. Here is what westminster where you went to school. Donate shots at my college. I won't take shots at yours. Look the bottom line is that we're yes thank you. She did point of view of the bottom line here. Is we're arguing semantics. It's very very petty and small. The difference mutates seating if you're a mexico fan whether you're eighteen lost to a team or seating really shouldn't matter that much it's humiliating either way. It's a huge embarrassed from a fan perspective. So what. I'm curious as to know from you is. Why do you think this like struck. Such a core because i'm not on twitter as much as you still people. Usa in mexico fans going at it back and forth and my mentions right now twenty four hours more than twenty four hours after we were talking about. Let me give you a lesson for the longest time. The mexican fan base had the superiority over the american fan base because the nineties and before were owned by mexico then come to thousands and the us gets competitive not only competitive. They kick you out of a world cup thousand two and for the better part of almost two decades. They're competing with you. Then all of a sudden they don't make the world cup we're back but what happens the. Us's exporting players at this incredible rate and now they beat you in two finals in forty days and you're not exporting these players. It's going to sting because it's that devos's because major league soccer which they know. They think they shouldn't say they think they know lee is better than so. That's why it stinks. And it's one of those you'll never get back. Us will always be able to say just like the world cup and we said this before that we got one over on you and we got one over on you with our beat team which i will say my friends in the text chain. That's what they were saying to me. So i get it. I get it absolutely for sure before before we get to the next thing shouts to at. Usf thoughts on twitter. They did a great job with like a total depth. Chart of these players did and i think helped helped her quite a little bit with his with his homework. Not that in case you missed. This is actually something. We were trying to get to the lascaux but christian pulisic courses in pre season with chelsea. Where they're playing the spurs. most recently. He did a sit down interview with chelsea tv and interestingly enough in that interview he discussed mental health specifically his approach to his own mental health. Listening this this is a tough time for a lot of people. I think and just included. I think For me the most important thing is to just having a good support system and people around me that that i can always rely on and have a chat to Me personally living alone. Over here in europe You know it's it's tough being alone at times and having someone always there to talk to is Is is extremely important for me. And it's it's carrying carried me through this time. Her good message. Brave message from crave elicit brave. And it's empowering see this new generation of athletes simone biles christian pulisic landon..

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