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Of a sudden dolphins wasn't going. But yet you weren't planning defense. So now, they were able to spread the gap state college we go to a week or so a little bit more pool makes a boat. New TV shut a lot of free throws Michigan four for six now and Maryland to for four that little role in the wolverines up by forty two. Thirty four Colin walks into the front court greeted by sabres Simpson around the screen from Brunel Fernando topside Aaron Wiggins Wiggins lobs for financial left mid post hook shot on my way off balance. No good knew. It was no good. So we went right back after it. Andrew foul on the foul from John tests. How quick was that? He knew it right away. Yeah. I mean there had hit the glass, and and he had it back in his hand. Yeah. Well, what are you always tell us the person who takes the shot? They know where it's going better than anybody else. That's why that's why coaches early when you were a little kids that you say follow your shot, right? Nando has two free. Throws coming makes the I he wasn't sitting here polls in as if it was. Change directions. Like, it was a Bouma rain or something. You know, you knew exactly that the didn't have a chance of even hitting around a pretty good free. Throw shooter for a big guy at seventy five and a half percent drop some both down. Then it's a six point Michigan lead with eleven ten to go Simpson pool. Livers testy Matthews for Michigan. Simpson. Shades to the left side of the floor moving right to left around a heavy screen from Tessie dangles between the legs hop step and a kick out right corner for pool pool pulls it away from traffic with thirteen to shoot. Now. He goes to work step back three on the way, the teardrop rimmed out boarded by Ricky Lindo junior. Michigan had the match up. They wanted testy had a guard and only on the inside. But you just can't throw a direct. You gotta swim that bowl over to the side and get this body to moving. Didn't you can throw it in full now? One for six Fernando is double teamed rips a pass right side, a catch and shoot three for Smith minutes through sorelle Smith junior natural Justice third triple of the year to Maryland within three. Pesky between the circles right point for livers. And now the Matthews. Matthew's jab step? Hesitates, a push pass right corner. For Simpson Simpson pulls away from traffic little left handed dribble high. Hedge comes from Fernando Simpson. Drives it a.

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