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Or you know continue with our most singular conversation with one and only between bassist and keyboard player for we power trio I might add to try again DigitalX talking really really is Salem there was a story Gil sure this story about the early Toronto rock scene talk about the hippy village in Yorkville and the coffee house scene and is that young street or younger street Y. O. N. G. street could you get to see there in the early days and was there anyone there that we might know do you still live there is Neil Young large Joni Mitchell Rick James Russ's soul what does your garden Steppenwolf you know John Kerry was used to be there used to be called back then was called Jack London the spirals well London boroughs I haven't heard that a long time and while under legal people in that band were incredible you know John Kerry while she was not impacted and construct a long list of standard but the retention rate John Kerry during the crayons and Nixon Nicholas was suppose player and member Mars bonfire the government missile there was no forty five forty five or whatever no yes there are two solutions real name was Jerry had nothing but he was part of the Jack London was finalised in cars toppled it will yeah we had zero numbers a lot of great talent welcome to call that you'll be seventy York full respect school districts often people would come from the report of the sub groups you know because Richard Carroll County the polls you work will argue often yeah it was just your preparation for people looking for part of country music something which way and don't have a lot in those days yeah for sure so for a while I lived there at least nine incredible interpretar you know Peter Houston the Houston off the calling Houston Sam Houston sorts a Texas thing Peter Ustinov once said troubles like New York if it if you remember if it was run by the Swiss that sounds kind of cool so these are some of the time Toronto office culture that does so we were kicked out so much talent you know I didn't know until recently that but stepping over spawned out of Canada and so many others it it just it never came up they were sort of they were these people were just well there rock and roll people that's really all you need to know gotcha and we didn't really even go into a meeting we heard the Jimi Hendrix from Seattle but that's about it you know it would be like in the you know you think about the early days so far of the late sixties college you know everybody drive a few characters to Los Angeles that's what we've seen really optimize Crosby stills and Nash Johnny Jordan Valerie Neale remove trial out of everybody driver to be tolerated in Canada everybody gravitated teach Ronald place where you could you don't notice it should should make it easier you can make it anywhere and you know kind of thing some trauma which was the go to place for Canadian musicians except the professor it started with the company never really did anything wrong you know burdens that for in their old days it was like you know Charles supposed to be a kind of music scene in supporting swear once in a while some record governor during which a lot of work is when the previous mapping industry because of the fact that felt good so wanted to record labels and motor two half hours recording studio it's what was that so you could make a good record here and you could make a good luck with the office and spend significant time in Toronto now stock channel invention regional problems we've seen through the lens Radha became like Europe rock and roll captured one of the rock and roll capitals six hundred parents who were poorer hearing candid camera it's hugely influential countries are true what users on the worldwide stage I'm just wondering this is this arcane knowledge that I'm trying to trying to maybe get a little glimpse of what of so many people that we would recognize had really bad experiences with their own with the record producers but especially on occasion they would put a special the record labels and I just wonder how did you how did you avoid some of the disasters that led many recognizable of people apparently had to indoor thing just got bad deal where they wound up not really making very much money and working an awful lot for not very much well we all did that it seems right now as at a certain point you know you get accepted into the quality service fee for and there was a clot there was a club of attorneys in managing research director properly pronounce that ran the needs of the business where if you didn't get into that club you didn't mention so you have to pick me up you have to play the game hi this is how it really works so you have to fight for every inch you have to fight with the fervent Pollard did need to bolster confidence from long marketing foreigners and promotions there and then you have to prepare and once you've got the little bit successful you got a chance to renegotiate the contract with the good work absolutely it was flooded and that's when you could make a little bit of money makes a pretty strong case forum the easiest part of the whole rock and roll musician experiences is the two hours you're on stage the rest of it sounds like it's pretty hard yeah it's there's there's books about it you can reach zero zero we're here needs who's very interesting and smart was a business like normal business they are similar in a lot of weird stuff you've been since since but it was like the normal procedures so there is a creative endeavor you know when you got to make records a lot of songs from internal play shows have not fifteen thousand screaming fans your community battles are younger individual you have to go fight to get page from the record levels and get your record on the radio how you can go out to work for a little bit with you what in some cases if you were in like a priority at the record label because for once absolutely there had better records or if you had better managers had no one ever looked are you have to check with our priority please when the fuel departure currently you have a chance if you don't already before you recommended that the streets some point on when they have to do a part three because this is a really interesting to me you've sold millions of records have been inducted all these walks of frames and Mississauga's walk of fame garnered much interest rewards and not only are you a skilled at and your musicianship with basic keyboards which also record producer clarity plants produce some records for other people and at any time you still got the the desire to go in the studio and see if you can publish this thing into some somebody might buy I didn't do that a few times no one no one trying to find I'm on hiatus but it was find the right dance you know I got the agenda for the we had we had a long recording studio so I could pick and then there are still low you know it takes a really special to be able to don't make the record for me to perform the studio it's it's one of those students were even which you get to know you have to venture through record some guys just don't get approval share information that makes the difference from playing live I am in the studio the fourth stoppage loss sometimes you just get sick of fifty people over the head as a result you can't deal with this horrible practice go back to the rehearsal hall first one hi this is all being in the studio to work on this ticket the Watson you saw welcome back Michael are looking hello some five hundred thousand dollars three so it's the same partners it may break records never wanted to work will tell you I really appreciate the time and I hope that we can have a conversation like this again in the near future where you and also when you're too which can occur in the cities you're going to visit meantime certainly which will the current of C. nineteen and fireman's it should come back on the program and don't want to good to speak with you Sir taker like living in everybody in the direction of for us to launch the weekend promises to be producers with next week so there it is god bless and good night our production to artificial intelligence dangers to commodity by Cyrus a partial available as a ten dollar download at CGM store dot com in this books I response explains why Katie are you such a great threat what is the extent of its development what do smartphones and devices actually do to a human being what is the real purpose of artificial intelligence and what are its plans artificial.

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