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Of us are it's hard to not remember something especially when you're being asked by important people investigating important things around governmental misdeeds let's say so in other words i don't remember i need a lot of people i go to a lot of events i need a lot of people have a lotta people on this show of a really complex and full calendar and there are times when i will see somebody a week after i met them and i don't know who they are i mean i'm looking at them like really i don't remember you but here's the thing if i were being asked because of a potential scandal i can very easily search my calendar my email my website to see if i have met somebody and usually once i do that search and i see their name and i remember that i see when i met them and what we did then i'm like oh yeah new guy nick i remember him of jobs you memory right so arguably when this was all starting to bubble up jeff sessions could have you know gone back through is electronially staff and said how did i ever talked to that papa dopoulos guy oh yeah it was on january twenty second had such and such a whatever i now i remember like come on and let's get to this let's let's face it jeff sessions is no teenager he's not quite a sprays you was back in his there he's kind of an older did i don't know how the issue what schuylkill that uh i'm gonna say i'm gonna guess there that he's in his seventies such as the gas based on how he looks and if i'm wrong i apologize for being rude about your age jeff body is seventy now now that turns seventy one december twenty four fail there that's all young to be having memory problems but look we have a lot of older people that are running this country and we know that millions of americans and millions worldwide are affected by memory problems as they get older some form of dementia however small affects a lotta people so maybe we need to start thinking about having some younger people running the country just i thought just a suggestion mitch mcconnell of seventy five and a chuck schumer 66 because summer letter folks author sixty is the new fifty i'm a i'm not going.

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