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Crowds gathered along the Simon Bolivar international bridge and began to sing Columbus national anthem, this president Gustavo Petro shook hands with Venezuelan officials. The government of both countries have often blamed each other for smuggling and crime along their 1300 mile long border. And that's led to several closures. But relations between Colombian Venezuela have improved since Petro a leftist was elected this year. Many along the border are hopeful that trade will generate more jobs. And perhaps convince more people to stay in Venezuela instead of migrating to other countries. For NPR news and Manuel Rueda in cucuta, Colombia. The Dow lost more than 1% yesterday to officially enter a bear market. The Dow has fallen more than 20% since January. I'm Dave Mattingly NPR news in Washington. On WNYC in New York at 5 33, good Tuesday morning I'm Michael hill, clouds out there, 62 right now. Today, turning mostly sunny in a high of 74. Checking out your community at this morning, the roadways look good. Delays this morning, though, on the southbound two train and alternate side parking once again suspended for the holiday, but do pay the parking meters. At least 23 people were shot in New York City over the weekend, WNYC's Gwen Hogan has more. The shootings took place Friday through Sunday, four people were killed in the gunfire two in The Bronx and two in Brooklyn. The NYPD says no one has been arrested in connection with any of the homicides. The Weeknd's tally comes as gun violence in New York City is on the decline. A recent analysis from public advocate jimani Williams found neighborhoods with the highest rates of gun violence also had higher levels of unemployment and unaffordable housing. 62 with some clouds out there right now mostly sunny and 74 for a high today and then tomorrow mostly sunny and 70 and

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