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Delicious made from scratch entree including super salad and your choice of an appetizer. Or dessert starting it only twelve ninety nine then on new founders favorites Tuesday classic Karavas favorites. Like Scampi Damian and Mezzaluna Caraba are back every Tuesday and a new date night. Thursday, a romantic four course Italian dinner for two is just forty five dollars. Come in for erased instable nightly specials every week only at corrobos Italian grill. A new year time too familiar resolution of getting a new car Mitsubishi presents the only twenty nine thousand nine Mitsubishi. Outlander starting at just sixteen nine five with third row seating a five hundred thousand mile limited warranty and up to thirty miles per gallon on the highway and all the tech and safety features. You're looking for a multi camera system blind spot warning and even lane, change assists. I buy tickets today and test drive your new vehicle the twenty nine thousand nine Mitsubishi. Outlander more information, visit Jenkins bits of dot com. We're the deals are real see dealer for complete details. Starts at three with a new jackpot triple play from the Florida Lottery. You get three sets of numbers to play three chances to win the jackpot for just one dollar in ad convert account all your matches in went even more jackpot triple play from the Florida Lottery. It's your ticket must be eighteen or older to play play responsibly fervent boards raised to five hundred sales event is happening. Now, thousands of our f one fifty explorer Mustang escape with zero percent financing available for up to seventy two months on select models. And if we don't have what you're looking for findings. Don't miss your chance to save big stopped by firm and four to get the best deals of the year before they're gone find and for twenty minutes from west shakes downtown Tampa, Saint Petersburg, one miles south of countryside. Molly Clearwater, online twenty four seven at Furman Ford dot com. You know, the golden source of family owned and operated business. It's local, but it's huge. Stephen Chile wine. Entrap of one vs largest selection of hand-picked diamonds onsite as well as an enormous selection of fine jewelry to fit any price range. There's truly something in there for everybody and their incredible staff explained what to look for in buying jewelry. A you and your loved one we'll cherish forever. And they do it without all that sells pressure bellies early maturing. Incredible that they'll.

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