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Headed south out on right before you get to be caves road. There's a wreck on the left shoulder. This traffic backing up towards far west I'm willing to Brandt with Austin's on time. Traffic look at your radar weather watchers staff meteorologist Bob Larsen were kind of concerned about severe weather coming up Gracie for storms tomorrow, that's for sure just to show. Shower or two tonight Davar morning under mostly cloudy sky. Low tonight did sixties storms though, then develop the move into the area and the greatest stripe period needs to be between three pm and nine PM tomorrow. When stores have the potential to be severe tomorrow, seventy six move away later. Tomorrow night is a front passes. It'll be turning cooler low fifty nine lower humidity Thursday, a mixture of clouds and sunshine is seventy nine for the weather center. This is meteorologist Bob Mars. We got cloudy skies. Seventy eight the lady bird Johnson Wildflower center. Now, get the news on demand at NewsRadio KLBJ Cobb. Newsradio KLBJ five ninety AM and ninety nine point seven FM presents the Jeff Ward, Ed Clement show. Hour number two of our little show. A twist to the social media companies. That are always we're always debating and the debates aren't all bad, by the way. It's just when you're.

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