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And obviously they're going to be guns in it. So there's definitely some overlap there. And I think Sony is trying to capitalize on that the popularity of Ghost of Tsushima, but I'm interested to see what team ninja does. I've never really played neo or ninja gaiden. I played dead or alive beach volleyball when I was a kid and I probably shouldn't have. Hell yeah. That's the only daughter alive I've ever played, but I mean, you know, I'm interested in seeing what this is. If I can put on my tinfoil hat for a second, right? And get into theorization on what Sony might be up to in the plans and all that stuff, right? Team ninja has been putting out neo games exclusively on PlayStation for a minute. And rise of Ronan is another team ninja game. Wool long fallen dynasty is in there too. Even though I don't think Wong is exclusive to PlayStation, but it's another team engine game that is of that same ilk. I wonder if they're trying to essentially like court them in a way where it's like, yo, let's either continue to get these games exclusive to the platform or see if we can work out a first party situation here, right? I don't know about buying team ninja because I don't know team team that just status. But we all know that these souls like action games have been killing it for a decade now, right? And they're becoming more and more popularized. They're becoming more and more appreciated. Elden ring is selling like hotcakes. Like eldering is one of the bestselling games of the year, if not the bestselling game of the year right now. I wonder if PlayStation's like, yo, we gotta own somebody who can do that. And team ninja, I think, has been doing their thing. I know people who love neo, riser ronin has been worked on for a while now. I think that by the time that comes out, that is going to be a very quality, very high tier team ninja game fingers crossed. But even for me, playing, I played the wo long fallen dynasty demo. This weekend. And that was a dope demo. That's a dope video game right there. It was so dope that I went and I downloaded neo two, and now I'm ready to play neo two at some point. But there's quality there that I think might not be might not be comparable in terms of how the audience perceives it to something like from software. But I do think they're in the ballpark of but people appreciate this. People like those people dig what team ninja has to do. I wonder if I wonder if there's something there. At the very least, obviously they're trying to get exclusive exclusives from them. So Sony sees value in what team ninja does. So yeah, definitely. I think that's a fair assessment, especially with Microsoft buying studios left and right. And Sony kind of has to pass to keep up. And we kind of saw that with the bungee acquisition. I mean, that was huge for them and I know that's not something that you would immediately think that they would do because sponges more of a live service, multiplayer company, and Sony historically puts a lot of marketing on their single player cinematic experiences. So I think there are definitely trying to court some more developers and see what they can do there. 1000%. Let's write out the rope a report with story number 7, Ted Lasso and AFC Richmond officially have been announced for FIFA 23.

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