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Of an intrusive way and we find that running wheel exercise What we call environmental enrichment where we have the animals in cages where they have essentially like playground titan environment where they can maintain their line more active and under those conditions exercise mental exercise. There's an increase in the number of mighty congres in nerve cells and associated with that at least in some brain regions that can even be an increase in the number of synapses between nerve cells connections between the nerve cells. That's kind of the general thinking that it's important to keep stressing in a good way in an evolutionary conserved way that is by stresses that have been normally encountered through millions of years. These transient short-term mild. Energetic stresses either the energetic stress of expanding a lot of energy during exercise or the more kind of subtle energetic stress of depriving sales of energy for some extended time period. And we can. I'm sure we're gonna talk about what's going on terms of signaling. Toddlers and for example key keystones which are elevated during fasting enduring sustain exercise. And you mentioned you talk to eric about his work. With enzymes called deacetylases and his work showing the key tones of signaling functions in gene expression through modulating these enzymes called the acetylene aces so fasting. Does the same thing. Yeah maybe we can kind of jump into that so you know. There's obviously different types of fasting. There's intermittent fasting time restricted eating or. Even prolonged fasting. You wanna kind of just maybe briefly lead. Describe some of those fasting. Sure the key thing for your viewers to understand is that when they see intimate fast. Intermittent fasting is in eating pattern. It's not diet. Oftentimes in kind of the lay press salon. Intermittent fasting will be lumped in his diet. But it's not a diet. It's needing pattern. A diet is what you in how much we intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that includes intermittent periods of nod eating sufficient. To deplete the glucose stores in the liver.

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