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Last evening as he became the third president in US history to be impeached here's correspondent Durrell Fortus with this story article one is adopted a historic bang of the gavel as the house of representatives vote to impeach president Donald Trump the votes mainly down party lines as the debate raged in Washington nearly six hundred miles away president trump holding a rally in battle creek Michigan it doesn't really feel like we're being impeached he is doing better than ever before we did nothing wrong is the third president in U. S. history to be impeached the president faced two articles alleging abuse of power and obstruction of Congress I'm here Fortus an emotionally charged verdict in Riverhead on Long Island yesterday a jury finding a Thomas Murphy guilty on all counts Wednesday and the alcohol related death of a twelve year old boy scout last year Thomas Murphy's attorney Steve pulley the plans an appeal this is the very beginning of what's going to happen in this case they're on in our opinion dozens of things that were not done properly and will be appealing all of them twelve year old Andrew met Morris was killed as the twelve year old hiked in Suffolk County with a group of scouts Murphy faces eight a third to twenty five years in prison at a sentencing the New York City department of buildings is inspecting more than thirteen hundred structures after a woman was fatally struck by falling debris in midtown Manhattan yesterday it took less than twenty four hours for a site work should be constructed at the site I'm forty ninth and Seventh Avenue where six year old Erica Tishman was killed consumers are spending more cold hard cash is holiday season are new and national retail federal survey finds holiday spending is expected to be up some four percent correspondent merry Maloney says consumers are expected shell out seven hundred thirty billion dollars visually consumers are expected to spend more than a thousand dollars similar to recent years the NRF says clothing is the top gift this year followed by gift cards toys and books and the NRF says simply five percent of surveyed people said they're using mobile phones to buy.

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