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Strommen suit save who who had time to get reset after he was kind of scrambling around at the crease he got reset for the made to save and held on. That was a good ship again for the stamkos line to forty eight left in the first one of them lightning. By the stamkos line all three of them. Their spatial awareness was really good. They plot behind the net. Steven stamkos kind of taking his defenseman away from the front of the net. And that allowed Yanni gorgeous do kind of a one on one battle trying to ward off his defenseman. He gets it on that. And they get a second chance at the rebound. But just couldn't get enough on it. Look at the replay Yanni gorge is one handing that went on his backhand. Against his skin, FOX and point to the left of khudobin. Fox's thrown out. So Blake KOMO comes in. And windsor. Jon Greenberg by Medalla snap. Of side. Alad Esa Lindell. Work at Ford Cuomo sticks it in certain Jeff grabs it by the lightning left wearing pct with kit. Brayden point to setup for future off to stop his stick mishandled air Tyler pit lake trying to reverse it for FOX up into the lighting zone, right circle. Shoots blocked by Jeff thoughts on the rebound. The left corner. Your point Lindell, shoots wide left rebound. Pick by debt jammed back board, FOX at the left circle. Fox's under duress point takes it away and Johnson out to center. Now, it's drop on the past one Johnson, right circle. High slot covert practical back in front for kucherov. Got knocked away never reached him. And it's pitch for doubt by Klingberg back to the lightning in both sides. Get a change here with under two minutes left in the first one of Tampa Bay. JT Miller at center ice boss as pocket off escape. Radulovich steel pocket ties him up. Here's janey Ben following up into the lightning zone. Then Steph right circle center point for dude suit, say by basil ask you that was tipped by Radloff Siegen. Gotta right circle a cycle fee blocked by JT Miller in the far corner. Needs to get out of trouble here, darling. Radulovich get support from heaven. Where's that pockets in the lightning far corner? Hard-working shift by Bannon Radulovich ban trying to come up with this Bill are looking up maybe freeze it finally squirts free Girardi left wing Miller, not a pot Katny knuckleball out to settle one fifteen left in the period. He's gonna regroups in his own zone. And gives it to Taylor for do. Besides again, get a change year. Miro he's going to center ice whistles it in part around for Joseph and the far corner. Couldn't get it away from the end Marcus Steele, high slot and Mark it up Dharavi. He'll clear it to corn at center ice. Spins it in from beyond the red line. I think Joseph won the race. Yes. So negating an icing Joseph has left corner to keep it alive for Serology, but hints I left wing cog Liana at center. Executes a clear to center ice and the puck is golf into the lightning zone by Yan? Mark McDonough has it back for Sara Lee with thirty five seconds left in the period. Lord lease it for stalled on the far corner. A bounce it out. It's going to be held in Polack right point final minute of the period here by that year. Mark Mark is strip Sarah. What a good play we all turn to Matthew Joseph escapes zone to center ice gains, the red light and sit in that was extremely well. Done by Sara Lee, Joseph got it down the ice twelve seconds left in the. Wendell left side to center ice the player who accepted the path was piddly fell on the puck tripped on the puck and three taken by Coburn of the lightning end. Bullet time expiring the first right wing, the stamp goes. Finesses it in the horn, pretty entertaining. First period. Both teams had chances Andrei Polat is the only player to score.

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