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A you know doing bad stuff apologizing but then not stopping or stopping in a in a limited fashion here's the here's propublica 's f uh example this is a screen shot of buying an ad uh for people who are a jew haters how about that and by the way facebook says your eye and selection has great potential audience size one hundred eight thousand people you can buy that ad now if april jamaa probably buried that feature sent out as being able to add your own tax is an old where adding those tags manually last uh last year was that facebook or propublica bought an add that the blocked africanamericans hispanics in asian americans uh facebook said they prevented they built a system that prevented but well now you can buy ads for jew hitters that's been blocked as well but i'm sure this is maybe a reflection on facebook but just how possible it is to game systems london's rain or less thing because we complain that these systems have been gamed but that's what advertising is advertising is gaming the system that a whole point of advertise pain you're gonna go home you know had to figure out how to get into fire offer your ipad hi how do you go to how do you go to an advertiser and say we would like you to stop the gaming of the system in the system don't games this regulations i mean that's what tv advertising has been regulate andrew is always i mean the end to end this has not been regulated and i think that there's an argument to be made that it should be regulated i don't i'm not willing to make that argument now but i mean i think that it's yeah i mean there is a way to my dad was an advertising like a you know since the advertising started and there were all kinds of regulations that they had to you know they they still figure out ways to game fish herded yeah i remember when i was a kid i use.

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