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As we continue with dana rohrabacher congressman from the great state of california there's a mass exodus happening from states like high tax states like new york new jersey california illinois and elsewhere you know how is it that a state like texas or state like florida they have zero state income tax zero and lower taxes on so many in so many other areas california's thirteen and a half percent new york ten percent how do these other states bill better roads better highways have better infrastructure and yet they don't have a state income tax how does states like california get away with artifice forty percent nationally now it's fifty three and a half percent of people's income and that's before all the other taxes that you have to pay how do they get away with that type of high taxation you a totally incompetent government because in california because it's not based on thomas jefferson and the things are founding fathers laid down as fundamental american principles but it's base barn karl marx and these they've songs so far to the left that they now are an enemy to those basic things that we have taken for granted that has made our country the gem of the world i mean we're we're we're the people who've who've actually raised the standard of living of average people and average working people than ever before in history and now in the state government california has rejected all of those fundamental principles so no matter where we're going down the tubes and by the way sean.

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