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That right now. It's 38 Reagan national. 27 in Leesburg and currently in Rockville where 23. Thanks so much, Ryan. Money news at ten and 40 past the hour brought to you by penfed federal, prep pen fed credit union, great rapes for everyone. Here's Charlie pellet. This is a Bloomberg money minute. Inflation is jolting the dating game. You know, daters say that they're feeling the pain in their romantic relationships. Datas are experiencing sticker shock with the cost of dining out, alcohol and recreational activities on the rise. Paul Lena cochero wrote the story for Bloomberg news. On dating site OkCupid, 34% of 70,000 users reported that inflation was impacting their love life. As costs bloom that is changing the way singles are dating. Instead of winding and dining someone at a fancy restaurant, people are going to museums. They're taking scenic walks. And even making home cooked meals. On the dating app hinge almost 41% said they were more concerned with the cost of dates now versus a year ago. So both love and money are top of mind for singles in the U.S. and it's changing the dating game entirely. And as costs rise so tensions over who should pay the bill on a first date from the Bloomberg newsroom, I'm Charlie peloton WTO. It's 7 42 and a contentious 5 hour session, the Arlington county planning board got an earful Saturday overturning single-family homes and to multiple family dwellings. I want you to also stop calling people who disagree with you racist. A polarizing debate in Arlington with nearly 300 people signed up to testify this weekend, forced the board to delay their vote on the missing middle housing plan. There are lots of us who'd be happy with something in between a condo and a big single-family house. The nearly 200 people who got a chance to speak on Saturday discussed traffic, equity, accessibility, and property value. We won't have a handful of houses go down in a year. We'll have hundreds. The rest of the speakers will be hurt Tuesday then, the board is expected to vote Wednesday. Shy and current, WTO P news. Three children are dead after a house fire in Baltimore, Maryland, W J Z TV reporter Mike kellgren says two adults were also hurt. Flames engulfed the house early Saturday morning. Maria Bailey runs a day care from her home nearby and heard the screens. I got woke up by the noise, the screaming the hollering. When I peeked

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