Conor Mcgregor, Roger Federer, Barbra Streisand discussed on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz - Hour 3: Suey Winners


Let me scroll up here munich arms aaron rodgers peace espn a magazine fat face fat wide phase fat whiteface if you give conor mcgregor the best horse ed months the trai would you want to see him race against other jockeys guys earning guys wanna turn him into i heard you guys discussing through one of the brakes him in all whites playing federer at wimbledon yeah we were discussing him versus federer this is what caught him aggreggate should do uh you know for the rest of his career is just fight other groups i like just play other great athletes in their sports at sell it for ninety nine ninety nine a pavia because we all by it but we adam at wimbledon in all white because he looked great nor white and every game starts out with roger federer down low forty federer still winds that right well no what happens is over the course of the entire match uh mcgregor would win two points in you guys would celebrate it because it say wow did better than i thought he would yeah member that first game second set it was thirty all as a win amazing center it into the net as you guys were not watch that anyway huber move it how many birthday cakes djalo need forty nine percent of the audience that all of the king all of the cakes okay all up is j lo and diva eighty four percent of the audience said yes remind me to get into this tomorrow what's the list of divas what's the list of approved in certified devers on beyond saying what will get into a tomorrow gallimard ahead of another gesture to host the gets to still be very taylor swift now are devoted lean theon stole the barbra streisand was yet another divas in the classic sense now diva just means really popular lady singer was madonna devote and yes so she still pretty slow in a minute when did the when the delmonico's bernie sanders entering number had enough reading the now it's you have to have a lot of power when did the definition of data on nevermind keep it movement seen angular diva britney spears not it's different era two dollars.

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