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I am of your eisenberg join me on empires asked me another as we challenge contestants and celebrities to nerdy word games music parities and punter full trivia find his every week on the npr one app and wherever you listen to podcasts it's bowls are i'm jesse thorn my guest is kim deal the lead singer for the breeders in one of the founding members of the pixies the new breeders record all nerve their first in a decade drops march ii were you surprised him when your project started on a touring break from the pixies the breeders became a smash hit banned i mean in a way that the pixies even had never been as much as they were you were a successful working banned when i was thirteen i watched you on mtv in o was that surprising to you at the time um i think the surprising i don't know if that's the word as much as it is unintended i mean the break from the pixies thin was it was kind of you tell the like there were there were probably we're going to get back together that's what i was thinking any way and then it does go slowly like the the song the got on the radio canon ball in i'm using my brothers harmonica microphone cassettes like at the full gruber missed gina loggins in messina in there he and of course my brother has more monica mike firm of course as a sister you one plug it into the marshall you wanna start going truck clock or toot air disaster fund that's what you do to your brothers harmonica microphone so i mean and starting out with the with the feedback in the squeals and stuff you know but certainly not thing that one thinks okay now we got the top of this song ready for a smash radio hit you know or something so it is and it was certainly unintended that i mean i really liked it why i mean nobody thinks it's going to be on the radio or anything.

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