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I and please join me in welcoming. Tonight's guest on trainer talk that is trainer. Scott Aker Scott Welcome to the program. Yes thank you yeah career. Yeah looking forward to the visit looking forward to hearing your story but let's not bury the lead. Let's start with that huge win December six. Congratulations thank thank you. Yeah that was awesome. How cool is that it was? It was special. Ed really was more so I mean it was my first but it was also the horses. I and I've I've been with horse and she came from the farm so very gratifying when they win like that bird. Where'd you watch the race rate at the wire actually I DIDN'T I. I never usually do that usually go to a TV off in the corner. But I was like no and I mean I want to be right out here I WANNA see alive. So how about the moments before the race coming into the paddock. The hours before the race were you. Were you nervous. Did you have time to be nervous. You know what I guess. That's where my experience comes into play. I've work for so many people like you had already mentioned that. Yeah obviously you're always nervous no matter what kind of race it is. Or what's the whole situation is but no. I was pretty confident. Ah He'd been training so much better and The writer knew him at that time. Pretty well so I knew we were going in on a better better than we had in the last few times. Put me there with you next to the wire as you mentioned. We're standing there together. What am I going to see when I'm watching Scott Aker Watch this race Eh flapping flapping my life pretty hard trying to find the time to act professionally not make too much of a scene? I mean you just can't help yourself so exciting. I don't care who you are so much fun. All right so when he finally you finally realize he's the winner. How about that moment? What's what's that moment for trainer that was I mean? Of course it was my first time as trainer so it was really it was really special. astle I mean I was pretty well up inside when I'm like okay gotTa take it easy and I was just more happy. It was so it was a big team effort. If you will the owner he used to be with Dave Fox. He gave me an opportunity which was awesome. So He's stuck by me the writer fanny. She's comes and gets on them all the time and she she knew him so it was a big big. A lot of teamwork that went into it was really fun. You mentioned trying to be reserved and professional. I don't know if I could do that. Man I think all that would go go out the window if I'm if I'm a trainer never trained a horse but if my horse wins I win my first race. I think you've got to let it out. I know I was excited. Don't get me wrong but yeah I don't know there's something that's been kind of. My grandfather was like that too. He's like you know. Just keep cool. Always keep. Keep your composure. So it was in the back of my mind and I just WanNa make sure you know that way to keep your composure. You can do your job appropriately. You know go out to the track. Watch the worst. Comeback Jogged Back Great. He looked great. He was happy. Everything was great and it wasn't like you had to sweat out a photo. Finish Sarasota Bono. No no that's what family and I talked about in the beginning of the race because he's it's still very very green. I mean he was. He was on the wrong lead on the air and still won't buy three so I was very excited about it but still wasn't the right way yet. We still learning and I think we're GONNA have to use them at some point in the race. Obviously but let's not. Let's try to use them early in the race. Jack even get better position. Jackie Fanny Olsen of course referring to Why was she such a good fit? You said she had been on them and knew the horse. Why was she such a good fit? You know like I I saw that horse crew. And he's always had pretty strong writers on him because he's a pretty you know burly kind of coal and it was almost like the exact opposite of what he wanted. Fanny you know. Obviously the woman. And she's got very light in Nice hands and she does more more working with them and coaxing him rather than trying to like make him. Do you know what I mean. She loved to be his idea. It's been working out great. Yeah it's outstanding and what a moment for you and I know there's more to come. That's just the the beginning salute. I hope yeah. Did you bet on them at fifteen to one no sir absolutely not. I'm so superstitious with that I cannot about my own okay. Well you have my phone number now so next time you send out. Horses live at fifteen to one. Expect a text. Let's clarify by this to that. Was Not your first starter. You had there was actually your seventh starter in your career Your first started July. Twenty first at Gulfstream. Take me back to that day. When you're saddling the first horse in your name and you know that this is your operation? What was that day lap for you? Scott Boras more nerve racking than than the than the rape actually thought I had a real Janssen. Just want everything to go right. You don't want any hiccups you don't want any mishaps want them you know get around there. Hopefully put forth their best effort it and come back safe and sound everybody all hours in the race so and that we did the compass that and that was that was actually fun too even though she didn't finish very well but it was still pretty gratifying actually reached that point. Finally yea really special and In again congratulations on that. That huge win a huge day at Gulfstream Park. And we'll look forward to seeing your name and your pictures in the winner's circle much more often moving forward. Let's go back to the beginning. Here's Scott I told I. Did this show focuses so much on you in how you got started and being around horses for the first time I mentioned income from a racing family so take me back to the very beginning beginning in your childhood and being around horse. Racing and around. Horses Well Yeah you're right from finger lakes. My grandfather actually trains horses sources and ironically enough. He's the only one that does anything with the horses and in our family so even my own mom she was. Why don't you try something doing something else? And I was always is getting on my bike and I only live like a mile down the road so I ride over there or grant my grandpa come pick me up as often as possible and I just love being at the track it was. It was awesome and I knew fairly young. That's what I wanted to do and I think I was pretty fortunate because my grandfather was a trainer so he didn't you know he let things happen in evolve all instead of like making you do things and in putting a sour taste in your mouth but he always left the door open he said the track always GonNa be there. You can always try something else but I just know not the chance you'd ever wanted to do anything else no I. I don't know why I love the horses. What other things did you try? I know that you had to try a few other things. Thanks you know what I tried. One time is The golf course. what do you call it I mean what they call it. We drive around the golf carts. Yeah sure yes. I tried that for like a month and I was like no. I'm sorry I can't do wait a minute to get my parents. That's the job you ever had outside a racing racing. Wow it isn't an incredible the way that when this sport gets into your blood like that I mean I took a break I I was working at thoroughbred times which is now no longer in business. I left there. Did things outside of racing for a very short period. But I had to get back involved and do something with the sport in some couldn't be away from it. I mean it's the horses and the people that are brings around to. I mean not just saying the owners. Just you're pretty tight knit family in the sense like race it's pretty close circuit giving neither rates in community. I think personally and you don't even have to be born in it. That's why it's it's such a cool sport to like. I know I feel like I'm privileged because I was but I've seen people walk on the track not like it but a lot of fall in love with it and I mean they just they never back either. It's amazing yeah. Yeah but you said blood. And that's it gets in your blood goodbye so your parents were they a big fan of you. Being involved called the sport and working in the Industry Oh absolutely yeah they They've always them had my back in anything done and I actually. I left home as soon as I graduated. High school laughed. I couldn't wait to go the other tracks and other horses and all that other stuff and they never never tried to stop me they let me do whatever now actually actually they just left a few days ago. They came down here and they love going to Boston Park so I'm sure he didn't do it more to will they bet on the horses that you train. Yeah absolutely I mean couple bucks here and there you know but still they get a big kick out of it. It's great talking with trainer. Scott Aker here on trainer talk presented by Phase Tipton as you heard just getting started with his training career. We're going to talk about his time with Gary Contessa in his time with David Fox they were obviously a major influence influence. But you mentioned your grandfather Edward. He was obviously a major influence to tell me more about him and his training operation and and being around his operation as a kid. It was You know it was a lot to take in because again it's your grandfather. It's your family. So you're expected to do better than most host so you always kinda more under the gun than everybody else but it was good for you. Good experience to grow up under like that. He was a good Very very good caretaker of resources like you know they all got rushed off to them. I mean baby oil noses that kind of stuff like every day just no. It's not walking there to slap on bandages. Even everything was very particular and you had a certain way of doing things and seem seem to work for me to so and then as as I moved on I went to a bigger barnes and you learn you know more of how to run a business more so than just the actual caring caring part. Where did your grandfather trained finger lakes strictly finger lengths? I think he'd ship around here and there but yeah finger lakes. He's still there. Is He really why I noticed when you when you look them up on Echo. Base's shows that he settled well two hundred and thirty five winners in his career and You know he's had several horses that earned upwards of forty thousand dollars. Is that kind of his sweet sweet spot where he's been able to make his living yes absolutely and he owned most of them to which was the cool thing so like that was all sometimes sometimes stressful but very Gratifying when when he did well. So that was it was good. He Yeah he never wanted to get super big. He just kept a handful of horses where he can manage Ranjit. I mean he owns horses now still to this day. He just obviously can't keep training.

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