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Did that last quality? I think he just was superstore just to hear him make a joke. It was so bad. Do you think that's how he really laugh? So. Nothing would surprise. You is quiet. He's as. I was giving you a call because I view the host of the LA Lakers podcast straight of shot down the chance that they could have LeBron James, and I mean. Recruiter. He had in Cleveland. I don't get actually said I think that when you've got LeBron roster. Even though I don't like a lot of the history and the personalities of the Lakers, like even with draft choice, no Wagner, and with some of the other guys if they're coached out, I think they're dynamic team at least make a threat, but I just want to get your take on that Bill bridge as I would love for the Lakers to be a contender. But I'm not sure I'm buying it. But I am buying. The fact we have a great gas right here. Cameron Jordan Norlin saints all pro defensive lineman graciously making some time for us here on the show camera. What's going on, man? Thank you for. Thanks for joining us. No doubt to have me on. I mean. Been a great weekend. And you know, as you continue offer this week. I'm opened up a good thing. A huge a huge and exciting game for you guys. Walk us through what it's like when you come out on the right end of that kind of a nail biter. You know, again, you come out of OT with an individual opponent like individual reliable. I can Lanta the city loves it. You know, you know, getting goodwill afternoon game, the city's gonna talk so much trash, you know, about Atlanta. Really just the ride opera feel that energy for the future until we play him again. Thanksgiving. I believe it's gonna add more fuel to the fire. So. You know, the next time we play we're going to have to come correctly. Cameron Jordan here on the show camera and one of the big topics in this NFL season. And we spent a lot of time here on the show talking about it is this notion of what is or is not or what should or should not be roughing the passer in the NFL. Obviously clay Matthews has experienced the wrong side of this line three weeks in a row, but it's been all over the league. What's your perspective on on this new rule and how it should be implemented? I have no idea. I mean, there's gotta be it's gotta be revision or clarity put onto this rule. You know, just bringing up the idea like clay Matthews, you know, three three roughly. You know, two weeks ago my David on you might have had two of them. And at some point you have to you have to throw in the idea that, you know, quarterbacks grown men as well. It's the NFL is a violent sport. And that's what it's supposed to be talking about sacking quarterback. This is something that is inevitable. So we're we're putting so much emphasis on the technical quarterback taken away from us as defenders. I'd like to say, you know, you reference Mike Daniels when he had Kirk cousins wrapped up, and then let them go. I mean, that's the pivotal play. You talk about now. Even if you bring in, you know, the William Hayes situation, that's a that's a scary thought to think that you're spoken so much on protecting the quarterback you land wrong and hurt yourself. Yeah. I mean, we get you know, the league is clearly making a big blind cross. But it's something that we we we have to adjust or hopefully, get revised Cameron Jordan here on the show. The saints all pro defensive lineman. Not to hate on drew Brees is remarkable running skills. And it was that was a hell of a spin move. But do you think that play the outcome? Maybe it's different. If those defenders feel a little more comfortable just taken that guy out right quarterback or otherwise. Yeah. I mean, if you if you isolated and shake my biased opinion out of it for sure. You know, you you say, hey, we'll flesh main type way long. He's not sliding that's something that you have to keep keep in mind as well. So this is something that maybe you wouldn't have been affected, but at the same time, they're not worried about hitting the quarterback in any fashion. Maybe it is. Kevin Jordan here on the show. You wrote something the players should be even that I thought struck a chord of of accuracy of truth that just it hit me is something we don't talk about enough. And that is drew Brees and what he's accomplished and that even though he's widely respected, and well, regarded he doesn't get the credit. He deserves and you said he should be up there in that greatest of all time debate with with Tom Brady. Why do you think that is the case? I mean, we talked about the king of the air. There's you know, there's what like seven or eight seasons over quarterbacks throwing five thousand yards Andrew as he has five of those. Think quarterback using you know, an accurate passer about co completion percentage Andrews at the top of all those you think about clearly, you know, throwing the most completion drew was at the top of that, you know, every every year year in year out he performed at the highest level. So I mean, it's it's sort of noteworthy to put himself. It's like, you know, the forever conversation. What will we LeBron James, Michael, Jordan? Yeah. The way you can argue you can argue both of them, but they're both degraded. So by the time. If you were talking LeBron Michael who would you go with? Well, I saw four three I didn't really see too. Yeah. I don't know. Hard right is a tough one. I probably go probably go to three LeBron James. Would you go drew Brees over Tom Brady? See that's what I'm saying. I can I can argue both ways. Keren Jordan here on the show. Saints all pro defensive lineman Cameron. I had the chance it really nice guy to interview drew on the television show that I do about a month ago. And you know, you guys understandably are a little guarded, right? Like, you don't want to be too forthcoming when you're talking to the media, and when asked about his family and just balancing that with retirement and playing the game he got really loquacious was really into it. And the gist of it was I don't know what I'm gonna do. I really wanna spend more time with my family. I really wanna play football. I'm not sure my wife, and I talked about I'm not sure do you guys in that organization. When when you're playing with an all time great quarterback. Do you are you aware every week? We can we get out like with Brady certainly a breeze. It's an older guy and the end is certainly closer than the beginning. In terms of how long you're going to get to have this guy. This great lead your team with no eight year. Did I mean what I came out? He was in his thirties. And so, you know, everybody was like the number two. Are they I wouldn't know eight years in is just as he was he when when I first got league. I mean, you can't technique will never demolish the way he takes care of his body will never we'll never dissipate the his ability his routine that sit in for him to be striving at this high of a level has been so well maintained it is. It is a part of who he is. So you know, there's very few people that are gonna walk out on their own terms. Ju drew and Tom Brady are one of those people Jordan is the saints all pro defensive lineman hanging out with me Bill Ryder here on righter than you on CBS sports radio. Cameron, obviously big overtime. Win mead. You guys are two and Ron one. And right in the thick of things in that NFC, south division. I know it's early but by a wide margin. Your defense is giving up the most points of any team in the NFL this year. What hasn't worked offensively so far this year, and how do you guys fix that? You know every week. We we try and focus on you know, different things. So last week, we try to focus on, you know, taking away number eleven we try to focus on shutting down the run the try to focus on eliminating the explosive plays, and you say for the most part number eleven was shut down. You say for the most part, you know, they're run. They're runs per Carey was clearly abysmal. So we handled that part, and we talk about you know. Know those are supposed to play. That's the ones that are going to get you out of these games. These close games you're gonna look back and wish you had four or five these plays back. And you know, luckily for us he won two out of these have three games. Did you look at explosive plays clearly killed us something that we have to be paid attention to as far as the front line that you know, our talents to get to the quarterback to Quebec. So he can't make those impacted passes. Like that where you talk about. You know, the second game supposed to plays it happen there again at the D line. You always want to check the quarterback to where you can't make those throws. And when you talk about Matt Ryan in this passage is released was is on fire. Is he wasn't that third game? You know, I feel like we we came up when we needed to to affect the the quarterback do some that you have to take on as myself. There's some that. I I'm still in dealing dealing sort of wants to do as as a spearhead of our defense. This is something that we put on ourselves. So without looking at the entire defense. We sort of folks on our group and how we can affect the next game. Our camera Jordan really appreciate the time before we let you go. I know every year the challenges to win the Super Bowl that's the goal. And you guys very talented football team, certainly in the conversation. But honestly, how much sweeter would it be to win fifty Fifty-three knowing it's in Atlanta, the home city of your rivals? I mean, all we gotta do is win win in Atlanta twice. Right. Yeah. That's it. We've already we've already not down one. So we just got one more. I really appreciate the time. A good luck this week this weekend against the giants. You guys are facing. Thanks so much for for being on the show. No doubt much. Appreciate for having me on. Appreciate you. Thanks so much camera Jordan here on the program New Orleans Saints all pro defensive lineman. That's all you gotta do. That's all a lot of the win in Atlanta twice. The hard part is getting to Atlanta in February eight five five two one two four CBS. If you want to join the conversation going to close out the show just a moment, we try to get some of my interview with maybe Travis Kelsey haven't done that yet had a chance to visit with the chiefs tight end earlier in the show. All that's coming up in just a moment here on righter than you with media Ryder. But first we're going to get a CBS sports radio update with Kevin Dexter..

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