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The news watch never stops newswatch never stops wbz news time ten o'clock forty three now in boston the clouds tomorrow may start off put some fog traffic and weather together coming up good evening i'm don huff wbz news our top story this hour a court date next month for the estranged husband a former senate president stan rosenberg brian hefner indicted on sexual assault and other charges following an investigation by the attorney general in suffolk da his lawyer says hefner will plead not guilty wbz political analyst john keller recesses the impact on rosenberg shred of evidence suggesting that he knew about what was going on or in any way condoned it i seriously doubt that he would condone anything like that but you know there's an ongoing senate ethics committee probe aimed at getting to the bottom of that we'll see what comes out in the wash easier certainly stan rosenberg has already suffered the loss of this powerful position damage to his reputation will see if there's more to come rosenberg resigned his leadership position amid allegations hefner had influence on senate business something rosenberg says did not happen coming or baker is calling for patients as the registry of motor vehicles adapts to a new computer program wbz's lana jones tells us the governor expects long wait times other glitches to be ironed out over the next few weeks governor baker likens the switch to the new computer program to an organ transplant in which fifty million records had to be switched over to a new system which is not to say he doesn't interest and the frustration i certainly understand i think we all understand that that the waiting times for many folks this week our big problem around half the people are still getting in and out in less than an hour which is the good news but for those for whom the weights are a lot longer that's gotta get dealt with baker encourages residents with business before the are mvp to do it online as much as possible as problems are resolved in worcester lana jones wbz newsradio ten thirty win boston harbor officials say they're discussing dropping the wooden name from the casino now being built in everett amid controversy over sexual misconduct allegations against casino mogul steve wynn gaming commission chair steve crosby says they hope.

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