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Fits brian lehrer show on wnyc good morning again everyone we did part one of today's program on the mi2 reckoning with a multigenerational calling for women now we'll have a multi generational calling for men and hold off for just the second men as we set this up uh with me now michael kimmel stony brook university sociologist one a leading experts on what he calls man and masculinity is among his many books manhood in america the politics of manhood the gendered society and the best seller guy land the perilous world where boys become men alexis grenell writer and democratic political consultant her daily news op ed last week was called the male apology tour of selfdelusion and what bystanders can actually do to make a difference and kawhi right editor and host of wnyc's narrative unit and a columnist for the nation one of his nation collins recently was women in the service sector are at the forefront resisting sexual harassment strains in numbers is more powerful than naming and shaming icai and michael in alexis welcome back to wnyc a brand grand so last hour women of all generations called in to document how things have changed over time on the ways they deal with exploitation but also gender equality in power generally compared to their mothers and grandmothers daughters and granddaughters generations man now it's your turn and i think one of the problems is that men don't even have these conversations among ourselves very much as women do its part of male privilege uh it seems to me not to half due to consider it optional until a reckoning like this comes along when power relationships are really being challenged so i wonder how much we can even have an equivalent segment to the one we had last hour but let's try um so men we invite you un with your generational stories and comparisons if you're a baby boomer man a ex man a millennial man two one two four three three wnyc four three three.

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