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The beautiful track elemental journey air by Yakov and Susannah. Darling Khan there will be another track at the end of the show to share with you. More called the journey to meet the wise elder. Talking of which Yaacov is here for you now on cheat time. You're conscious living show welcome into cheat time. Yaakov Darlene Katan. What what what a what a thrill and respect to you brother. I mean the man of teachings that you're bringing through for us and you know I know you are the world's foremost purveyor of movement Med sern. And you've done amazing website going on on your second book. Now you know very established member of the Shamanic community and yet you're so possible and so easy to connect with and get on with and Addie how you do that. Well I I met too many people who have Lost and believe in their publicity. Sir I have a load of elders a particularly to elders who we asked when we began his at the school of Medicine in two thousand seven. We asked them to But we gave them like a golden pin and said if if you see his blowing up our own bubbles like becoming very important itself important. Please use the pin and bring it down to Earth and they do regular very funny. They are the absolute quintessential eldest growing old disgracefully. Very wise. They gravelled around food. He's a professor around an amazing green business. They're incredible people. And they keep coffee on the graph. We're not to lose it. All is really an Bettman they do with huma in such a way. That doesn't disempower you on another tool. Yeah I mean you have to have a sense of humor by the time. You're doing this kind of where you are wanting to really awake to who you actually are in walks inside. You will know what matters to you. It's a prerequisite to have a sense of humor via able to laugh at ourselves. Sometimes that's easy on other times. It's not an I notice to myself but The deeper I go on my journey. The mole the stronger. I'm becoming the more. I need to develop undo. My own shadow would unite never ends. I'm just a human being. We all just human beings doing our best. That's how it is that so so true before ordering a person not in competition with one another. We're doing the best that we can process and you know as a story of our lives really went. When did you first realize that you becoming a shaman? Well I think that SUP JER. A multi layered experience. Here I think is a child if I didn't have the language for it or I'd been in a culture where shamanism was still practiced and still woven into the fabric of everyday life. I would have none the because I was always into my number. One thing was dreaming was the Great. Mystery was in my nighttime. Experience was much more real than my daytime experience. My dreaming was was much more where I felt herman onion. I had a long journey because in our culture the essence of shamanism has been eroded by mainstream religion. And by the scientific mind. This is not at all at criticism of the scientific mind. I'm very I. I think the the rational mine is a very important hob to shamans world on you have that basis. You're in big trouble. Bought the re owning that rediscovery of what Shamans shamanism is in the modern world. Enough for me was thirty years of adventure and difficulty on ironing out all those distorted senses of South because I was fascinated once I discovered shamanism existed. I was like Oh great. I could be Shaman. I had no idea what it meant. If if I'd have known I'd probably ran the other way very quickly. This is mad. This is this is frightening. This is this the feelings of because of a shaman or We'll talk about the Shaman. I guess later but Shamas somebody who serves that community and not just a human community but that dedicated to reciprocity the balance of what we give what we receive what we take on such important medicine for our time so it was really a difficult journey and it stems at times especially these times. Well quite I'm talking about like the scientists and the Shaman. He did a lovely talk the other day with Dr David. Hamilton and Yeah a marvelous man. He is but it was great to see his connection with shamanism and then The fact that that had not went I noticed that he was telling us he stuff at the beginning he was foot of all this information and excitement and then you spoke and then the next time he spoke gone. Everything's much commonality that he recognized that about that. He said Yeah. Get very excited Scottish accent. I love a Bryant. Kind really incisive. Precise mind but the aligned with that kind so he his whole research. Life has led him towards understanding importance of kindness on power. We have the relationship between the body and the mind. He's an amazing match. Exactly and this is reminding me so moving on from science shamanism because we this whole of meeting going on here. Isn't the meeting of truth is happening and throughout your book than you on Sherman. You're talking about awakening the Danzso within and when we awaken to music and dancing movement is helps to shift the emotions that can get stuck and how how key some form of movement is. It's not just working out with the mind is actually embodying here different emotions. This is really especially now when so much. Fear individual and collective fair fear being pumped into the world through all the channels. Walk to be afraid of It is a scary time. It's overwhelming time. I know for myself without my own practice in designer. Might Get up early in the morning. We we spend the first three hours of the day in practice like before before breakfast before nine o'clock just to be as grounded as we can be in what's going on in the world see. Shamanism is is indigenous to its coacher addresses the wounds all the disconnect between Seoul Badio between spirit body in that's in industrial will disconnect between the brilliance of the mind and the brilliance of the body. And then of course the place in the middle where they need. Which is the hopped feelings emotional intelligence if we don't those of us who are being brought up in the industrial will if we don't engage the body and the intelligence of the body than our ideas that they could be brilliant. They can be amazingly creative. They are but they take us away from the recognition of the impact. That's happening under underneath arms. Two feet son working through the body is at the absolute primary importance to anyone. Interested in Chamonix practice who's grown up in the industrial world. It's so vital to be able to feel your feet to engage with the rhythm to let go inside the rhythm to give yourself to a great power in the form of Rhythm Music Melody Unto Dance like to sweat to engage your muscles in your blood and everything going Because what happens if we done in. The body has a capacity to stretch into change until cope with so much but when the so much emotion especially if we have in a switch we'll do in one way or another Stories from the past the Durham digested. Our own. Personal biography are on central biography. The journey that life has taken if we don't engage with that Ben when we're in a stressful situation What happens is we just going into the default mode? Which is coping coping. We coke in different ways..

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