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Something happened on. during the M. L. B. telecast last night that I find very interesting because look if we're being honest right. baseball during the course of the regular season. is not that much of a national sports radio topic towards sports talk topic period weight when you're discussing. local I depends on the market of course but there there are some markets where where baseball is is still huge and driving others wear not as much but are on the national level if you're you're watching a sports talk show or listening to one during the course of the regular season it hasn't been much of a of a topic and the times it is a topic is about some sort of confrontation or somebody getting thrown at or steroids back you know when when that was more of a thing and then lately it's been how do you fix baseball pace of play and and all those things is baseball broke Bubba and you know I I know people are tired of hearing that. and I know baseball fans to can be tired of hearing that where there are some fans who just are like Hey I I I like this I want to watch it right. but this year I've actually. anecdotally. noticed an interesting phenomenon which is that like hardcore baseball fans have. been frustrated you know the the. true outcome home run or or strike out nature of the sport lately has even rub some some baseball fans the wrong way where there there's not as much action it in a given game. you know where that consists slow it down of course that that's a constant topic but generally before when the those conversations that come up you get resistance from hardcore baseball guy who would say Hey that this is my favorite I don't care I I I love it it's the the beauty of the sport and again anecdotally I I don't have any like measurable quantifiable evidence of this but I've talked to. a bunch of baseball fans who have been upset this year and and sort of said that yeah they even they are on. are turned off a bit. now I would tend to just forget about that sort of thing when it comes to post season baseball. I would rather I would brush set aside. it's the playoffs. no nobody wants to hear that in the playoffs. that's when things you know come into a national focus. and I actually think for for baseball you know the the wild card games are some of the best things they have going and and I think you you saw that earlier this week and and the reason I say that is because yes they are are counter to the nature of the sport where there's a hundred and sixty two games and and you build the team for that and therefore a a single game elimination it is not doesn't correlate what with that though the way that the sport is designed or or the the sport is played a and I understand but for the the casual fan. there is something very interesting about such a high stakes game. once he moves on the other team loses it adds a sense of urgency something that that baseball is is oftentimes lacking I believe a sense of urgency but you get it. when you have. one team gone after after game it brings that sense of urgency that. the sport doesn't typically yeah but then I would have expected after that to get on you you you get the the post season and. maybe each and every game of the postseason wouldn't be leading national coverage but it would be more in the the zeitgeist then the regular season. Watson has been in we'd be talking more about the ins and outs of it no the the the Dodgers not starting Kershaw in in game one but winning that game anyway but then dropping game to wear with that this series tied now one out of peace and and Kershaw taking the the the loss in in that game which you know is not yet up a poor performance or anything but we know his postseason reputation topics like that it is what I would have expect it but what I what I found interesting is that last night on the broadcast itself on the M. L. B. broadcast the the Yankees game Yankees beat the twins to take a one nothing lead in that series tend to four. it was Bob Costas and and John Smoltz doing the commentary and Bob Costas who have associated I I suppose with baseball for a long time I I don't know where but Bob Costas does most of the time because he used to be a you know fixture in sports television and and be sort of is has moved away and I know we had a I think with football because he he started speaking out against head trauma in in the concussion issues in in football and therefore really. in broadcast the games anymore or be a part of the broadcast because he he had started to worked his way up away from the enjoyment of the of the sport due to that and and of course the sport doesn't want to be broadcasting that when they're they're having their their major games but he still does some MLB games in the in the still a big name. but last night in the midst of that broadcast he was going off about how on watchable this was. and. I find that interesting on a couple levels. one. you know Major League Baseball doesn't want that to be a topic of conversation on their broadcast. this is the playoffs. there there I'm sure tired of hearing about that a now if so when they have a playoff game involving the prestige franchise in the sport. they don't want the announcer talking about how the the product. isn't watchable. that's not going to go over so well. and smokes didn't say anything about it the other thing I I find intriguing about it is because Bob Costas theoretically is a baseball fan. or was a a baseball. so is he speaking for other baseball fans or is he you know. irritating baseball fans. and that's kind of like. what what I wanna figure out here because you're sitting there watching the game. are you. Bob Costas. and going to yourself. this is this is tough to watch. or. are you saying Hey I'm watching this I like this I chose to watch this why are you talking about how unwatchable it is it's the playoffs let's save that for sports talk radio in July. so I I would generally I wouldn't plan on doing a topic like this because it would be the playoffs because you know I I could I could ask where like playoff baseball ranks for you or something like that like amongst the the the toppings in sports but I wouldn't be going baseball is it even watchable when the playoffs are. but when the announcer on the game. number one team in the sport. is doing it in the midst of the big game. that's a yeah a bit of a topic. I see I you know it like for instance I'm I'm scrolling through my Twitter feed and I I see Nick to Turow you know. he's an actor and and sports fan. this is what it says but you know is it it is I believe John throws his brother he he posted a video all caps who cares how long the game is Bob it's a wild playoff game you know so that's probably some of the reaction from fans Hey I'm I'm watching this because this is what I like I'm a baseball fan it's the playoffs. here's a tweet from Phil Mackey Bob Costas is no longer broadcasting the actual game he's just teeing off on pace of play walks and home runs. super seventy sports I missed the Yankees twins game was Bob Costas able to squeeze in any play by play around telling us all how we should think. interesting to me. now that's his prerogative and he's. lucky enough that you know he's in a position where he could say that sort of stuff without repercussions are or fear of repercussions. but for it to happen on that the national broadcast during the playoffs I'm. is that something. you want to hear is that something your feeling or when it's playoff baseball are you saying give me playoff baseball. you know I I could I could do this topic any day almost. and I wouldn't expect it to be in October. but are are you excited that it's playoff baseball does that change your mind state. where are you Bob Costas you are you angry with with the person who saying baseball's too slow or you know there's too many strikeouts in in too many home runs when the playoffs are coming around. or are you that guy eight five five two one two four.

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