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So long story short oil started crashing in the eighties. And then I was with Sandra Bernhardt, and she was like Honey, God bless the child who has his own. And I remember vividly being with her, and I had a crush on Matt Dillon like a pretty boy who doesn't I still do. So he hit on her. And I'm like, I was nothing. And so she was so famous at that time. She just finished the movie with Robert deniro. Are you going to pick up all these names or drop in when you head out the studio Sally, I know it once? I don't look at it like that. But what people I was teaching show on going a stage and said the woman. Comedy king accommodate comedy. So I made permanent Eighty-three. Yeah. And you know. Really into it. So long story short. Anyway, that's another story. We'll go over to warn Beattie's, and Sean and Madonna were just getting together. Okay. And I watched Sandra command the room, and I'm like, she's that when she became friends with Madonna. That's a separate story. That's not happening on this. We need a two parter interview. Thanks. This is on another direction and believing at that. But that's another story. Okay afterward that but anyway, long story short, my friend goes you should go to that beauty school over there and do hair because my mom's like, Honey, you can't hang out and go out at clubs. You've gotta go back to buy sell is taking off her jacket. She's just getting warmed up. Okay. I know I'm getting hot in here. It's really hot. It feels good. So long story short. I go to beauty school. I went to three because I kept getting kicked out because I was partying all the time going out at night. And I went to I went to take my tests and mine was all about like trysofi because you know, to be a hairdresser caused Matala. She school you have to know how to do a manicure pedicure. They give me the one all on the science part. So I go back to my friend. I go I definitely felt but I passed I couldn't believe it. I mean, they were asking me about electrical currents. I never studied. So then long story short. I worked with this famous hairdresser, Arthur Johns, he was doing a Libyan Newton. John Lewis, physical. You know, all that. And I was at assistant Karen carpenter. I'm shampooing her hair. Chica bore all of them. Everybody was in there. And then when I decided to go on my own he told me, oh, I wanted to work at this famous hair salon. It was called Armand does and only eight hairdressers work there. And it was the sheiks was little house off a Melrose. And he goes you can't work there because they were all were famous every single seven of them were famous and I'm like this kid..

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