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I haven't heard anything, and I don't know if that's intentional or not, but it's starting to get to the point where you kind of yes, start making assumptions, right. Maybe he's really good at his job and would be a great head coach. He just doesn't interview well, because that's what people are looking for when they have that interview for the next head coach, or maybe have a coordinator. Way. Hear these stories about like Brandon Staley, friends and sues Now, you know, jump to the You know the hot list for coordinators defensive coordinators of the Los Angeles Rams. They could potentially be head coaches he interviewed phenomenally, and that's how we got the job after being a linebackers coach under Vic Fangio, and so sometimes just interview well doesn't necessarily mean you're gonna be a great head coach. But just because you don't interview will doesn't mean you're not going to be a great head coach, So I can't figure out the answer with Eric the enemy and I don't want to make assumptions about it. But you just it's it's largely silent. Around. You know his processes over time, and it's been a lot of them has been great for years. At this point, he's 51 years old. I know if you wanna be coaches, it's time to get cooking. I know took Vic Fangio a long time to get there, but that was because he's a defensive person. Yep, The league was skewed a bit. Um, you know, it's It's very strange. What's happening here now? Um, uh, I mean, I I really hope that that we're not the situation where Where the seven openings You know and not listen, I am I have always been a proponent of The best person gets the job. Yeah, agreed. The issue of the setup of the NFL is that the decision makers Are in large part white and you know, you usually reach out to somebody that you're familiar with much like and this is not a knock. But if the G M's were mostly black, you'd probably see Ah lot more black coaches just, you know, not trust necessarily, but connection or get familiarity. Is there a chance? I know Marvel Lewis's is in the mix year gold. Well, it could be recycled. Maybe Todd Bowles is starting to look again. Do you think there's a chance and by the way for the record, Rob Scylla is a minority. Nobody says that, but he's a minority. Do you believe that there's a chance that seven openings come and go without a minority, excluding robs a lot for a moment that there's not an African American person high above coach hired for this cycle? I can't see that happening simply because a guy like Marvin Lewis fits so many boxes for so many different teams, whether it's a team that need to rebuild like the like the Jets or the or the Lions. He's too good of a choice for teams like that in these experiences, not like he's gonna learn and make the steaks and, you know, set the organization farther back. But for some of these first time coordinators who are looking to become head coaches like therapy Enemy or Rob Salah, I could see those guys getting shut out. But I don't think that you think that you say you think Rob Salah could get you know I could see them getting shut out simply because Because a lot of the openings bt have a lot of work to be done. Um I'm trying to think if there's an easy like if there's if there's one of these openings. It's just like easy like you just got to come in, and I think charges pretty easy. Yeah, probably. Yeah. Yeah, I think I think I think you're right with that cause they have They have a set defense. It's some studs on that side of the ball He's gonna find. I mean, they've been unlucky. They gotta stay healthy. Uh, you know, on the defensive side of the ball, but they have and they gotta win tight games. Exact brother, probably Anthony Linda's record..

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