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Fantasy oriented sex that you're talking about feels unprecedented in a lot of ways and it it just didn't exist in mainstream non pornographic culture the way that it does now and it wasn't as it wasn't as easy to find as it as it obviously is now and i was thinking about where i was like the early nineties i was a teenager mainstream american culture there were these signals freight and without even realizing i had a radar or you know what i've learned with gaidar i was looking for not from people but from the culture that whatever i was feeling was okay worse and i feel like you're talking about sex and sex is something that happens between among the people and i think the difference between what's happening now and what was happening in the nineties eighties and for decades and decades before that was a sense of loneliness right and it wasn't it wasn't i mean say what you will about rita ora she doesn't seem lonely in this mesh she sort of has had like displaced upon her if she's lonely has nothing to do with the song it just has everything to do about her position as a celebrity conversation so in looking for something to grab onto in some ways but i don't even know that i was necessarily looking for it it kind of found me but i was a big ram fan when i was a kid i loved reo but.

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