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Thomas. That's how is the weather forecast. Does something you've taught me coach the market's really are unpredictable as the weather can be, you know, as well as I do what it does around here. We can't control the weather Kelly. Certainly not control what the market does. Either. Can't we, but we can be prepared wouldn't get educated. So educators paramount in the financial it's also in the world. When you see it raining outside. Do you say to yourself? Of course, you say self umbrella today. Would you see unstable financial future? Advisor could trust people just know, they're not in the right place. But keep doing the same thing over and over again, how different salts Albert Einstein called the true definition of insanity. Very it's not gonna get any better. If it's not doing good right now is it. So we want to go through the mental process of understanding and reasoning behind each strategy that people are making. So I thought we talk about a four step process in the financial world that we go through with everyone. Explain why we do it very important because you know, the more, you know, the more you understand the more comfortable, you could be win the markets face challenges because they're going to face challenges, and our plans are put a tests. I mean when the market star going bananas, you need to make sure your plan is just as good as it was before and your planners, you confidence your plan to and within a minute wanna take a again, look at these four steps number one is discovery. This very first meeting when we have with people. It's we begin the stage with our initial meeting with people to get the no one another. We see. Hey, I'm Marty Hensley. I'm coach Pete. You're. Is Mr. MRs Johnson. Let's see what we have in common. Let's see what we don't have in common. We can reach an agreement that it's pretty good. Sometimes not have everything in common. Right. That's right now is very true. Iron sharpens iron. Yeah. Well, you know, what me and mardi you're in our fifties. And you're over there, and you're thirty. So we have we don't have the agent common. But from each other absolutely without a doubt, very conversational. So it's not we don't want to leave the headache. So the very first thing we do is focused on you. And what you want your savings and investments to do if got this money. And then the way like to do this this the net. Okay. And the reason why we have our money here is this isn't that? Okay. Accents or not right, mardi, exactly. What are your goals and objectives? And how can we get quickly as possible with at least one of the things Thomas? We do is we focus in discuss past experiences and feelings of the future. Coach because a lot of those past experiences really can determine what we're doing right now. Yeah. Well, and again, if in our discussion, it allows both of us, you listener who comes into see us and me and Marty planners allows us to determine if there's a basis for a continued relationship or not. You don't like us, and we don't like you. There's no reason to wait. We love ninety nine percent of the people that come in to see us. And then we go through something KOTA strategic development process. It's a strategy meeting. Basically the primary of here of this stage is to develop an effective strategy. That is custom tailored to the unique needs of each and every person who comes in. That's a novel concept evidently because a lot of people are saying gosh. So first time anyone's ever asked me these questions to understand way to understand what this things are. But when I talk about the easy to understand financial review that we do put everything on one page. We really mean it. That's right. Really do it. And it really is easy to understand. It doesn't have to be complex. That's right. We'll see how these things fit hand in hand. You're sitting there having that discovering meeting discovering what people's passions are with their objectives are, and then you're showing them how to achieve that. My dad is a physics professor. I can't tell physics from from chemistry. But he knows what he's doing right or financial guy. So we need to make sure we're on the same page. We can understand each other doing allow the meetings here custom tailor the unique needs to each client. What they want very very important because unfortunately, many people are in the wrong place and don't realize this, right? And maybe it's because they didn't have this conversation with advisor mardi or maybe they didn't understand what the adviser was saying. That's what happens many times. Yesterday, sixty six years old. He said this was the first time that I've ever had a conversation like this. Yeah. So after we have the conversation. It's a good one. It's very informative innocent of lightning many times we then develop a comprehensive plan that outlines the strategy. We recommend it for this concept to long term success. Tomorrow in NAFTA that I don't know. Let's look at your whole life. Let's plan to one Twenty-one. That's okay. Wow. When we say lifetime income, we mean lifetime income. That's right. If you had to be one fifty get still get income while using a bucket strategy that we put together its lifetime income planning for a reason because it has to last your entire lifetime. And it's so true coach. I mean, I'm sitting here. I have a grandmother who's eighty nine. She's going to be turning ninety years old right this year. And she is she she outpaces sixty five year old income takes on an obvious important stunned mardi don't have it. You really realize how important it is. Right. We need to make sure that after years of economic uncertainty. Many retirees would like their income to be more predictable and more secure we need to make sure that we get the right plan for the right person and turning assets into income. No can be very complicated. And there's three questions that everyone asks that we go through with you. We basically help you answer these questions we ask an answer. Like, they do with the attorney says, I ask your honor, Ken income be made more certain. That's that's the number one question. Okay. Based on what I have. Here. My financial plan the money. I've saved all my 4._0._1._K's TSP's, my everything thrift savings four three Bs can the money that I've put aside can I have that in income that I'll never outlive. And can that be a certain income that I know exactly what it's going to be more? If we mardi. We are on the underside. In other words, we may tell you're going to have less than you really going to have in a future. Not the other way around. The worst thing to do is for a say. Yeah, you're gonna have twenty thousand a month when you retire. You get retirement Thomas you've got nine thousand. No, no, no. Thousand a month, and you may end up with twenty five thousand a month. Yeah. Come in complaining to us. I don't think. So that's why we use our illustrations the way we do we use real world numbers back fifteen twenty years. We don't use hypotheticals where we're assuming a lot that just cannot be relied on now the financial termites. Again, we're gonna talk about them can income have built in tax advantages. So we build as most tax efficiency as possible in each plan tax efficiency, just major paying as little taxes legally possible. Yeah, that's the way to do it the question. Can it be safe yet grow over time? These are questions. Everyone needs to right now. Again, Ken income made more certain can I have a certain income that I know is going to be there for the rest of my life. Very important. I think that's the most important absolute number two can income have built intact vantage, another one. That's the questions you ask planner. They'll say, oh, well based on what's happening the past in the market, and as long as the market does this and that and and Prince Charles done, everything it'd be no as long as I want guess, it's guaranteed here. It is writing and nothing's ever going to happen. But you're gonna get your check. You're going to go to the mailbox. It'll be a green flag on the mailbox of very novel. Green flag waving into win. Green flag as a check in there. Right. Red flag means you're paying bills. We want the green flecks retirement in the third question. Can it be safe very important yet grow over time? Now this. If you could bear in the backyard safe as long as you have a shotgun. Your garden in the backyard, you money say exactly like we were saying earlier, you could throw it in a CD eventually lose money to inflation and all these other things. Yeah. Had a lady one one year came at she had twelve different CDs from nine different banks. Okay. And answered the age old question that we remember since grade school. Why did the chicken cross the road to get a higher CD rate at a different Bank? So it's just making sure you have the right plan for the right time your life and Morty. I think that a lot of times the advisers that people have met with have charged them a fee to put a plan together. Then the people feel obligated to go back to that. Because I paid for something. Right. But these plans people have paid for and your opinion. Could you have done the same thing at no cost for these people? What we could have done in this one of the most frustrating things for us is that we see we want to go back over the last ten fifteen twenty years as gosh. What could we have saved them? If we had had this conversation twenty years ago, and that's exactly right. They feel like they need to go back to their current advisor because they wanna get quote unquote, their bang for the buck. And another question, we are licensed to accept fees. If somebody wants to pay a fee, and they feel like they're getting a better plan. We are more than happy. I don't see any Cincinnati. Again, doesn't make any sense, Tom. Here's what I wanna do. This is very important. We we can do your very own strategy session based on what we've talked about here answering those three questions for you. Make sure you have the true strategic development process done out perfectly. If you're one of the next thirty callers, we'll custom create for you that one page financial review that Mark talked about this will indicate if you're in need of a full-blown financial plan or not and keep keep in mind this review along with the bucket strategy and all the planning his fifteen hundred dollars value. Well, and we're going to give it away again to the next thirty caller. So get ready folks warm that phone to pick it up. We're gonna give away complimentary with no obligation to the next.

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