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Corner or a business Vanezis don't forget that Lennox, foundation is. Coober nettie. At all? I guess. But yeah, nonetheless, I mean, this is a good thing regardless. Right? Yep. Well, I think if I remember right, was it ten tencent joined the recently as well, which is a fairly major deal. So I mean, the lyrics foundation is growing like crazy, but I think they do. I think they do good work so gang the buy in from large companies which was always there. Yeah, underlying approach to the thing I am. I am actually like fuchsias really interesting to me. This is nothing to do the left, but just. You know, I'm keeping an eye on this. I think it's interesting watching this kind of grow to bed. So Google definitely seemed to be placing their bets on. So it's still very small though in the company from what I understand something about this the other day. So never tried it. I have one. So I read this interesting blog post from this guy called Jackson Cunningham. And basically what happened is he got banned from ebb and he inquired about why. And they refused to tell him. He went through the process. Number of times tries to get information back and they said, you're band and we're not going to tell you what your band and this blog post is kind of interesting because he basically says, should that be some kind of. Should that be some kind of. Like a clearinghouse for Joop process for for these kinds of incidents where you know you have these digital services, this kind of relates to to segment about, you know, when you die, like digital footprint is so fundamental to our lives that if you get banned from a service, you can have pretty severe implications now for Ebi for less of an implication than if you get burned on Google g. DRA g. suite or something along those lines, but should that be regulation that relates to this because it sounds like from what I've read that Ebi kind of shitty in this area, that has been a number of incidents where this kind of thing is happened. What people have been banned and they haven't been given a reason why. It's Airbnb. I think it's tech companies in general are just not very good at customer service, especially in person customer service. And the kind of the broader question is, is there a point where tech companies become so pervasive? Pervasive and just everyday life that they at least user some kind of explanation or warning before they're just silently band, there's no process for refuting what happened or even verifying that the correct person was banned, etc. There's no. I mean, it's not due process as an illegal thing, but there's just really no process at all. So is there a point where service is so pervasive that it should be mandatory? There are a whole bunch of rules apply to this kind of thing, but they applied to the government and the public sector. We spent years and years and years decades building blows about how the government could deny you, but they called us. We're gonna throw you going to tell you why low guests stuffed go things on free information. Silence. Always just applies to the government. Now there are huge companies with this pervasive fact, and they're increasingly taking on. I semi public semi infrastructural role. Yes, Arthur turning into utilities, you could argue? Yes, absolutely. I think therefore, yeah, whole bunch of this stuff all to apply. They just hype w product company, but I'll tell you anything. I don't think we have this discussion about the right to be forgotten about with. Age, Google pervasive enough that that it can be genuinely damaging to you to have stuff stood up that you know when they're all things like the statute of limitations on crimes, but not on stuff that was reported about you in Google news and this to me all part and parcel of the same thing, I think, yeah, these companies we sent to the utilities. Deaf sub of the rules that apply around things. We've mentioned around things noticed, capriciously, denying people refusing to tell you about it. I think they absolutely should apply. And what's interesting in in this case with this Jack Cunningham guys, it sounds like he had a long history of saying in Abby properties, and you know, there are no issues and all the rest of it, and then it just seemed like he was done and that's it..

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