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Stay forever. All right felicia around naked. Walking around naked it helps felicia in charlotte says my husband and i've been married for eight years and he recently got an suv with cameras in the headrests for our four and six year. Old to watch movies when they take road trips yesterday he drove me to get coffee and as soon as he cranked up and plugged in his phone. I heard sex. Sounds coming from the tv yes. He started fumbling to turn it off and he turned bright red. He said it must be a glitch in the entertainment system. I think he had a woman back there watching porn. Am i jumping to conclusions. Suada minute but you said it was connected to his phone. Yeah he plugged yes soon as he cranked up the car and plugged in his phone. She heard the sound well. I mean that's a bluetooth. I think i don't know if it has anything to do with him. Having a woman back there watching poland. I'm thinking he's got porn on his phone. And a bluetooth picked it up and ran it through the system. You know because unless you have this stuff downloading in your car somewhere. I'll see how that can be. It's the bluetooth is what comes into play to me. I mean because what if the kids were with them. You know what i'm saying. I mean but i mean the whole thing is supposed this with the video right exactly see. I don't know i don't. She's a little slow about was he sitting in the backseat watching poll with another woman. Another one what are you talking about. Yeah yeah he could be there back there watching it by himself or didn't have to be shutting. The headsets to get on the headsets in the car has come from somewhere. Yeah yeah so. He was fumbled with your phone. It was bluetooth phone all right so there you have it man was bond nine annastasia in seattle's says we're moving on. I'm a thirty year old married woman. And i love my husband but i fantasize about his handsome brother. He's forty with the six pack of carved out back and muscular thighs. And when my husband and i are intimate i'm imagining myself. And his brothers. Big chocolate arms. I even mumbled his brother's name under my breath once during sex. I watch his workout videos online. And i get all tinguely. This all started a few weeks ago. Do you think it's just a phase or should i seek counseling help me. What do you want us to do is suggestive phase or do. I need counselling you need to quit. Won't and you'll brothers your husband's broth lefty help. Stop watching his damn video. You'll sell up a quick call and his damn name. You know that ain't been how about that. What do you want. Yeah yeah this is something you can control for. Sure thank you all right. We're moving on paula in boston. Says i'm seventy one. And i'm i'm back on the dating scene. I've been a widow for twenty five years. And i surely okay. She's seventy one. Her name is paula. She's out of boston. Seventy-one she's back on the dating scene. She's been a widow for twenty five years and she was casually dating a younger man for the past two years. She said we had a few times and he stopped calling me all. I'm attracted to her younger. Men between the ages of fifty and sixty and getting one is not a problem. I don't want to be just a fling these men. How can i prevent that from happening. A younger me want you stop being fling you fleeing because you allow it you allow yourself to give flow your your your body or your relations or whatever you wanna call them at seventy one comes with a price. What is this you have every right you too old for this she high you gonna do for two years and then he stopped calling you. What what you think is going to have. Y'all wouldn't have relationship what nobody defined anything. I don't care how you get if you can't define the relationship you win. You probably ain't anymore. Sabio got fifteen years. You got to lease half the fun profound saying that again. Because what i hear now what the ceelo said before we run out of time. Come on feel all i said was if you can't define the relationship probably 'cause you ain't in one there you go all right coming on what i see. It is if you save. You ain't got a fifteen year left going to get any run that bring back with the nephew right after this. You're listening david. Harvey morning show coming up at the top of the hour. We'll be here with our national news and an update on the winter. Storms across the country. But right now nephew is here with. Run that frank back which you got your child. Support is late okay. This late. you'll child. Support is late. let's go. I love card. Yeah what's up. what was it. Preston man In meaning me your ex. Mammy and we've been kicking it for the last three months i'm Man killed by the we not together. We're not together. So why are you calling me okay. No that's cool rector. I understand that you tell me the child together somewhat. I don't care if i went to you do me not together. I don't give a damn about what. Okay okay no no no. I understand that what i was calling you buy. Was you know you kinda behind like two three months on the on. The child support me and i tell i tell i was gonna handle the situation you know so i don't need you handle nuts. You know maybe worried. About how many months behind. Who the hell telling you all this anyway. We're when can we expect. Another payment is what i'm asking about. Don't you ever call my phone with that. You understand me. Don't call my phone. 'cause oh my daughter man trying to enter and handle all need you. Oh my back. And only the on my back and by dan's house for because i do for my daughter man so don't call my phone with that. Okay okay well..

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