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So has is there hand on the climate of racial america like miguel at all miguel quietly makes me laugh leggate with many people forget he also tried to kill that organ when he like power bombed off the tried to go states to stage a macho man therapies what an alltime internet clip like that oic as she survived if like she easily could have been decapitated by miguel's crotch oh easily it made you see them booty harrell head of the greer cleaner they probably came with spurs he took the spurs off he knew he was going to be done in seven is some reckless some shane mack type south korea he had some issues in on the rerun before practice rehearsal he's like i am going no spurs guy i'm getting i'm getting five moriches on my on my long jump with without the spurs organ bob beamon out here did you see a mobile last night i did whoa terrifying is lonely word that comes to mind really i am i'll mbambo man i have my a lot of the top guy as played last night in they all look good but i don't know bomb was only while i was like no no he looks like nothing like the rest of them he was like an alien blair basketball correct yeah he maybe we should talk about big man before the draft that's how trepidation area for us may specifically but we'll get to that sure mohammad down beer.

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