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And by the way, not a long road. The skins are going to need a replacement for Trent Williams Williams's is going to lose his affective nece here at some point. How many years does he really have? They're going to need a replacement tackle in Jona Williams is a tackle can start his career as a guard. But you know, he's got a Teaneck Stu his name more than a g next to his name. Anyway, I like Joan Williams and I do like marquees Brown as a wide receiver. I do. He's a game changer on offense. Charley Casserly loves him says he doesn't know how anybody will cover him. He's tiny. He's five nine and a half. A buck sixty six is his listed weight. Combine wait he had a foot injury. But he's in that category of. Player that defenses will have to game plan for and really the last player that the Redskins had that fit that description to Sean Jackson. I mean, I guess Jordan Reed when he's healthy if they take Brown at fifteen wouldn't bother me at all. I like Paris Campbell a lot from Ohio State. He's he's a day to pick apparently Brown at fifteen. I'd have no problem with. I'd have no problem with Christian Wilkins from Clemson at fifteen. I know he's an interior defensive tackle. But if he's the best player on their board, Alan pain, you know, they've re-signed Itis Wilkins. I think if he's there you'd have to consider it. He could be the best player on the board at fifteen if he makes it they're like Allen. All right. Hi character winner Wilkins if he's there and they took him. It would be an indication there drafting their board. I would love it at Oliver. I don't think will be there at fifteen but some characterize. Issues have had him dropping. He's another interior guy. Not a nose tackle. But let me be clear about at Oliver. His talent is unmistakable. It's Aaron Donald talent Fletcher, Cox talent. And by the way, let's make sure we understand that. While Jon Allen is going to be a very good player. He's not Aaron Donald Ed Oliver could be Jon Allen is going to be a very good interior defensive linemen for years to come. Hopefully, but he's not Fletcher Cox, and he's not Aaron Donald at Oliver has the talent to be Aaron Donald if he slipped because of his character issues, and he was sitting there fifteen I think the Redskins would have to consider. I do let me get to the list of the players that I don't love at fifteen all of the quarterbacks not named Murray that starts my list of players that could potential. Be there. Fifteen that I don't want the Redskins to take all of the quarterbacks not named Murray. I don't have any of them. I just don't I fear. Join Haskins the most I just don't see it with Haskins. I think his I think beyond being immobile. I don't think he's got great feeling the pocket, and he certainly doesn't handle pressure. Well, I don't think he's anywhere near ready or anywhere near as good. As the guys that went last year. You know darnold Rosen Mayfield, Josh Allen. I would much rather the skins trade fifteen overall for Rosen, which I don't think they're gonna do then draft Haskins or lock or Daniel Jones, all of the QB's not named Murray would be disappointing for me at fifteen and definitely disappointing. If they decided to trade up for one of them Cleland Ferrell from Clemson is not a guy that I want him to take it fifteen. Here's the deal with feral. He just doesn't have the speed or. Explosiveness that sweat. Has that polite has not the polite sa- first round pick skins might be able to get him in the fourth round. All right. He's he obviously doesn't have with Josh Allen or Bosa has he's a powerful N in a four three to me. He's not a he's just not a pass rusher that this team should be looking for same goes for Russia on Gerry underachiever too many plays. He takes off he's explosive more than feral. But never got the consistent results. So Rashawn Gary would be on my list of a of guys I wouldn't want them to take fifteen Brian burns is on my list of guys. I would not want them to take fifteen the the pass rusher from Florida state. This is an interesting one because he does flash on tape..

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