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Streaming on Facebook go to our Facebook page we are live streaming all right this very second I'm waiting I'm waiting a year hello is that twenty eight minutes after one let's see how long is that talk to Roland Richter the proprietor shelf co owner of Joe's dining at the bottom of the hour we'll see how their soft opening is going their patio ed Jones two o'clock we'll talk with candidate for king for Congress in CD three congressional district number three our current district attorney Marco Serna and then candidate for state house district forty five Linda Serato at three o'clock we'll be on the show shoot me an email Regis Santa Fe dot com well let's see we'll have moved so far one candidate on the show tomorrow she is running for the state Senate in district number nine where is that so the very southern part of the state with interest in her name is Naomi Martinez parece he is running against John Arthur Smith we can vote for her but it's an important race we'll talk to nail me tomorrow also the mayor will join us tomorrow Catherine Lewin from the reporter John Lawrence the former chief of staff for a speaker Nancy Pelosi into Philip worth will join us tomorrow as well four two four twelve sixty anything on time all right so we're talking about accountability I real quickly here accountability to talk about the Republican Party of New Mexico they're not accountable they're basically being cowards because they will not callout this live call out the flim flam artist the founder of the cowboys for trump by name who's calling for the basically the death drowning hanging of two democratic governors and Republican Party New Mexico why should they well he lives in New Mexico.

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