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Jim Melwert, KYW NewsRadio. At six oh, two. It's traffic and weather on the Jews. Traffic and weather on the twos is sponsored by Jefferson health, Sidney Kimmel cancer center. Here's justin. All right. Thanks. John. Crawling on eastbound seventy six from city avenue to approach at thirtieth street tunnel. You have a crash in the left lane. That's bad an hour delay just through that stretch. Before that if you're coming into town, you still have to battle the volume on eastbound seventy six from zero to Belmont westbound side of the Schuylkill expressway incident free, but just slow with volume from university, the vine, then generally sluggish from Montgomery drive all the way to four seventy six south twenty sixth street, heading towards the Platte bridge heads up thinks they're not from a tipster those crash blocking the right lane before you reach the bridge. Ninety five volume delays northbound from the Delaware line up to the Commodore Barry, Jan from Penns landing up to bridge street and southbound is slow with volume from common avenue to Gerard avenue. And again, plenty of brake lights from the airport all the way to south before seventy six. On four seventy six all about the southbound side, just heavy volume delays, just south of the Schuylkill expressway. Slow all the way to ninety five northbound starting now, but still jammed from ninety five approach route one looks like we moved the crash off the side to to southbound south of boot road was in the left lane delays getting a little bit better turnpike eastbound east of Allie forge it's slow all the way to me county. Indie jersey new problem. It's two ninety five north rhetoric around the white horse pike have an accident blocking the left lane and then to ninety five south generally slow from route thirty eight to forty two mass transit checks that okay? I'm just dropping in the KYW twenty four hour traffic center. And now the eyewitness weather five day forecast sponsored.

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