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Average. Let numbers here of a less volatile figure dropped from fifty five hundred down to two hundred and fifteen thousand okay. So economists had expected claims to rise from two hundred twelve thousand two hundred and eighteen thousand miles a week ago. There were two hundred twelve thousand applications for unemployment benefits revised down from two hundred and thirteen thousand you got your calculators out so Italia. Furloughed federal employees requesting unemployment aid jumped to twenty five thousand four hundred nineteen more than double the previous week. Those figures are tackled separately. They have to be, you know, track separately. From the unemployment claims a year ago without a shutdown just sixteen hundred and fifty federal employees filed. So despite the rise, the federal employees number is significantly below the potential federal claims and below levels seen in past showdowns that even means something. So this suggests that the shutdown is not yet causing a significant financial strain on many federal workers were hearing this from the Democrats that the the the federal workers are at death's door. You know, they're crawling down to their neighbors house for food crumbs, and this is not happening. I mean, this the everything that I just gave you is. Now telling us that shutdown has not caused a significant financial strain on many federal workers. I'm sure a case can be made for some. But as a whole, they're not hurting the name they've been. To put away money, and that's helping them out right now until they do get paid. You know, a lot of this is being painted by the Democrats, very falsely as they aren't going to get paid. When the average person knows that they are. But they're putting that ARA out there over our heads that cloud that. Ooh, they they may not be paid. They're not getting paid. These paychecks are missing forever. No. They are not. And this is going to end sooner than later, we all know that. And therefore, this is not having any impact negatively on everything else that's going on. And again, you know, the the.

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