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Guineas. For the first time in 70 years, a monarch will be crowned in the UK with the coronation of King Charles, but the big question for us is who's going to be crowned the winners of the 2001 thousand guineas at newmarket. The first classics of the season are upon us and Aidan O'Brien is sure to have a big say, no trainer in the history of racing has won more British classics than the master of bally Doyle 39 British classics to his name already and is he going to be able to land some more he's won ten 2000 guineas more than any other trainer in history 7 1000 guineas and he's done the double four times as you just heard footsteps in the sand and Virginia waters in 2005, Camilla and homecoming queen in 2012 Churchill and winter in 2017, Magna graecia and hermosa in 2019. He's got August Rodin and little big bear to go to war with in the 2000 guineas and the breeders cup and royal ascot heroin meditate and never ending story winner of the Irish 1000 guineas trial at leopardstown on her season reappearance. It is going to be a cracking weekend to break it all down. I'm a Kennedy joined as always on Thursdays by Tom forms Mark Milligan, mark as you look at the 2000 Guinea picture and it's difficult to assess how good these horses can be when this is their first race of the season. But what is the feel, given the fact that you've an extensive background as a two year old handicapper and for time forum, what's your overall feel for the class of this year's two classics beginning with the 2000 guineas? Yeah, I think the overall feel that I get is that we're looking at a potentially above average group of three year olds this year, which hasn't always been the case, has it over the last couple of years. Obviously, the Bali doil hate machine has gone into overdrive about August rodan and his potential

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