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Outside Galveston police, find three. When they arrived on the scene. They found a five year old a two year old and an infant dead. They also found a woman had suffered from a gunshot wound to the head. That's a reporter Lindsey Henry FOX twenty six in. Houston says the woman is hospitalized. A twenty seven year old man has surrendered to police. The call him a person of interest if they know a motive for the shooting police seven shared it yet. A seventh person has died from a fiery crash on a Florida highway yesterday to large trucks car and a van tangled on I seventy five north of Gainesville that accident sparked a fire fed by fifty gallons of diesel fuel. Police say they're treating the crash as a possible homicide, a California parole board has recommended release for one of Charles Manson's followers. Robert beau Soleil has been jailed since nineteen seventy for the murder of musician. Gary hinman Beausoleil was not involved in the more notorious Tate and lobby yucca killings. California's in governor Gavin Newsom could block the parole board's recommendation a Walker of a lawsuit against Burger King because a regular customer says. The restaurant wouldn't let him have it his way after fifty year old Curtis. Bruder ended up. Locked inside. A dirty smelly restroom for an hour. The manager offered him free meals. I trouble with no specific timetable. It was all good for nearly two weeks until the district manager ended the arrangement. Now Brunner is suing demanding Burger King. Either restores free meals are paying for the cost of one free meal a week for life, his attorney, calculates that would cost the fast food giant a little over nine thousand dollars. Brunner says it's an honor issue. As lawyer says me seemed like a Seinfeld episode, but a deal is deal. Tom reghati, Fox News was a huge upset in women's college basketball, number eight Baylor knocking off unbeaten uconn, sixty eight to fifty seven it's the first time the.

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