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He's played in that one one yeah you know you have a way to get all right you have to be no problem all right both the nostrils are now so there all right now okay now okay wow this man is already is you can't read that is where we live and right now model big boy's neighborhood we are live you guys want to go on the is out well like I was something he is blind right now you ready we're going to do about the child he we do a seven seconds can you give me seven seven it was not the town all right now who you got this will be our yeah I was at school that you said you went to that special schools what my kids went to Oxford academy okay at it it's your Oxford academy okay I believe okay I'm sorry yeah my god all right now every war the reward if you lose all right Santa's forests all right out which you may I know who's ever walk through this for real Santa wouldn't do that all right here we go all right what is right are you just a question all right all right here we go let's go ahead to do some some all you ready hello what is the full chemical formula now box one god what is the full Amicale five personal is it a is it a H. two O. about right to me that's we have a you got it yeah all right all right you're on a roll song twelve days of Christmas what was given on the third day Dave Christmas right countdown from five row five four three no not like that sorry all right I'm up with seven six nine o'clock you don't know you don't know okay is it is it necklaces three necklaces Hey it's five we are calling birds.

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