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Listen for a change. On a first we're gonna call Kendra and kindred twenty-seven, and she is in Edmonton Alberta Canada. Have you heard of the Edmonton Oilers? I love the Edmonton Oilers. What sport? Well, I love how they grease things up. Okay. What I'm saying? What sport I'm gonna go with? What's that one that they do in the Olympics? Yeah. It's what export the brooming one. Well, no, it's played on the same surface as you do the brooming thing. Fuck you guess is hockey dick to from my shoe with call Kendra? Sorry, all what curling curling curling? Yes. I'm sure Edmonton has plenty of curling and become. Hey, kindred sim. How are you? Good. Are you? I'm doing really, well, honestly how to kindred. Hi Kendra in Edmonton. Thanks so much for doing this. Not a problem. Kendra Hausa Edmund tin your ice hockey fan. We spoke a little bit about the about the Oilers Ana I don't think she's an ice hockey fan. But you everyone candidate ice hockey fans that how it works. It's mandatory. Okay. 'cause the problem is is that the visual same thing with soccer. Like, I don't quite. I it's hard to for viewer who hasn't grown up with it to see exactly like where the puck is going and what exactly happening the fights are fascinating. But I also just don't know. Quite that part. You Ana I'm gonna take you to a hockey game of the stable centre, Kingston how hockey fans are made. You have to see them in person came to us themselves. The most exciting sport and watch live awful Andro. You got my back. Right. Absolutely. No. It's it's just being there part of it too. Thank you. That's what I'm asking. Okay. All right. All right. All right Kendra, we're going stop in. Now, you're gonna tell the story about. What happened at this wedding? It was the wedding of your best friend, tell us everything. And then we're going to try and help you with this situation. But don't leave any details out. Okay. Okay. Solely my husband, and I wrote wedding three weeks ago and atr table. There was a another couple. They are each they were fun and super chill, and we had a good time getting along with them. We talked on nights and see drink a lot. We were kind of playing on her phone. So we exchanged numbers. And once the drink started flowing kinda talked about like what her and her husband were into and what my husband were to. And we kinda had some seem things except she told me that her and her husband are in an open relationship, and she likes to have fun with women. Okay. So we kind of part on and leader on the knights came up to me. And she's like I have to tell you your husband is very attractive. And I was like, well, I know so I had to tell him, and he kinda got all cocky, and then we were kind of joking about bringing her to a room and totally joking. And then at the end of the night, we left with them and in the back of the cab her, and I actually kissed totally playful and from what I remember the night kind of just ended in me went our separate ways. So they went back home. And now we've been talking like in a group chat with her myself and my husband, it's kinda flirty. It's different. I feel like me and my husband have girlfriend right now. And I just kind of went hope to go ahead with this. Okay. So I made out with a dear friend of mine in college to sort of impress guys. I think that that's probably pretty typical. Michael because the look on the guys faces was so her so like a standard and like in turned on. And I think that was why we did that the point. I'm getting at it kind of. Yeah. It put a little bridge in our in our friendship, but the point I'm getting at is.

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