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But if someone in the audience has of a Ferrari F f and they want to sell to me for sixty cents on the dollar. Let's talk. Okay. Great. Okay. Sam. Sam harris. Austin fact, chided dizzy, I mean, I guess we'll tell our listeners like we could we could talk for seven hours on in. This fact, check about stuff that was sad. And I'm not gonna do that. I picked a few things that we can talk about that. I thought maybe needed saying after listening. There's a lot of may be could be considered controversial opinions, and I'm not going to pick apart every single one. Okay. So. Okay. Well, I you said four out of five guests of ours. We site Sam exaggeration. I didn't luck. Yeah. That's an exaggerating is probably an exaggeration at the beginning. Yes. Tapered off a little bit. Because we've we also heard about all these people. But what's interesting is even when I'm not actually saying Sam, but I'm talking about something. Paul bloom wrote about empathy or I'm talking about something Brett Weinstein said or on talking about even Yuval Harari, they came from his podcast. So even if I don't say Sam, and I just go do you heard this, Paul bloom thing, really, I'm talking, you know, I got that from SAM's cast. That is true. Okay. So he mentioned honor killings, and he said. I don't actually know what he said the percentage was or maybe just a high percentage of Islam believes that we that honor killings are okay. And the Washington Post in pew in two thousand thirteen did a survey and in fourteen of the twenty three countries where the question was asked at least half say honor killings are never justified when a woman stands accused similarly at least half in fifteen of twenty three countries. Say honor killings of accused men are never justified in only two countries Afghantistan in Iraq. Do majorities say honor killings of women are often or sometimes justified. But you know, it's interesting is it almost declares your your position on this topic. Even the way that was just said, which is to say they found that half of people don't believe in honor killings. You could also then say half of people believe. In honor killings, which is very dressed of it though. That's what it's saying into it. It's pointing out the countries in which the majority does. But even even if half of population believes that that's very troubling of a country. Yeah. It is. These are also like well, my take away from this. When I looked at the whole last with. Yeah. The country's the more modern countries have have small number that really troubled war ridden countries have a high number met to me was clear in looking at that list. That was my takeaway. I mean, it's scary and bad incredibly, I guess, the I think this is what gets frustrating for me in these conversations and probably for other people is and I think it's largely would Sam gets frustrated with. Is. Ee you have to knowledge this large amount of people that have these views. That's just a statistical fact now the more important thing that no one ever gets to. It's like the left wants to deny the less. Big messages will the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and wonderful, and that's true. Absolutely. But then you read stuff like this, and you have to acknowledge a pretty good hefty amount of people do believe in honor killings. That's troubling. That's that's a big concern..

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