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We keep it and come back and forth but yet needs to be re muscle. I personally just. I'm struggling bit out here in the tree so beautiful but it was. I wasn't planning on living here for too long. It was like let's let's by fix it up will live in atlanta and i just haven't gotten there yet and simple for me. My home in my environment is super important. Like a half to feel good in it has to be light. I'm very light sensitive. Even in washington lived on the water or this in like people really struggle in the wintertime with the darkness in the gray. But when you have of you and you have water. It doesn't matter and so i when i met darker space i feel emotionally so i need to get out of here soon and and get that figured out in i feel like i can sort of move on and yeah it's everything it's like everything has been going going going going going and now it's slowing down in. Its everything from my technology is like on. I can't find anything. I computers laptops things everywhere. Maybe it's on this. Maybe it's on that internet's not working against just like that's why i say i want to get my airstream. Sometimes it. just wow god. Yes i'd haven't been flipping houses to since you got married and that was something that we tried and it was way more worth than expected like. It'd be fun auto but we were to do as a show that was a tester to see. Okay we're maybe do with hdtv so that was kind of our first tester yet. it would. That would drive me crazy. I never have built a house. I've always bought a house. That was already owned as i don't think i could go through it there so many l. It's like i know how. I want to look just make it look like that. I'll come back to that right by me. Know when you're done come back to that. Set rating parts made favorite but building of it. Like high schwab. Janet thank you so much for coming on. This has been a great talk and just loved hearing everything. You're doing you so much for doing this. This podcast everybody. We all need it. So i appreciate it goes. We're wonderful. i can't wait to meet to nashville. Con- you matani rhyme. Thank you so much josie for coming on and just having such a great conversation. Our invitation to come visit us in nashville is open whenever you want to come here and we really wish you the best of luck in this next chapter of life. We can't wait to see what series you end up on with an ensemble cast because it'll be great of course and guys you know. Just let us know. We're always happy to hear about your thoughts from different episodes. And if you enjoy this episode please leave a review because it gets it out to more people and we really appreciate that if you go on apple podcasts. It'll show you could do a review and we always appreciate that. Make sure to check out our website off flashes cool topics dot com follow us on all forms of social media where they're everywhere and have a great week is..

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