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In just a minute about an inmate that is on the loose in southern california and it's a really interesting story about how that all transpired but before i do that let's i just want to reflect the moment 'cause we just had congressman tom mcclintock on a republican member of congress and we were talking about the republican party and all the turmoil and if you turn on the tv if you were to turn on cnn today for example the headlines would be republicans trying to play nice after their civil the war and this is the constant narrative that republicans with all the levers of power in washington c aren't able to get anything done their fighting with themselves it's a it's a free for all back there and it's interesting because what you're seeing is you're seeing democrats saying this is our opportunity to take back the house this is our opportunity to take back the senate although i would argue there also so a civil war brewing in the democratic party because we now know for a fact and we were talking about this early almost before anyone else last week the senate majority leader of the state senate in california democrat kevin de leon was last week considering challenging incumbent senator dianne feinstein for her seat next year but it is can firm that he is in fact running one hundred percent four diane feinstein seats you have a more moderate to some democratic senator and incumbent dianne feinstein who is going to be taking a challenge from the left of the democratic party and kevin de leon who will also be well funded and also put up a good fight and so you're seeing this in both parties you're seeing of bifurcation of both parties were one wing the conservative wing of the republican party wants certain things in the moderate more establishment wing doesn't and in on the on the other side of the aisle you're seeing democrats were with their more moderate members being challenged by more progressive members so both parties are are signalling a civil war but it's really interesting so i'm keeping track of i'm gonna try to give a report back to all of our listeners every week on what's happening particularly with these races in southern california in one of.

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