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The official supermarket of the New York Giants the ruling overtime win in Washington against the Reds games behind Gail Jones five touchdown passes the giants return the MetLife stadium to wrap up the two thousand nine season who's waiting their their arch rivals the Philadelphia Eagles four weeks ago the giants lost in overtime in Philadelphia Eagles playoff chances alive and now today the eagles to wrap up the NFC east with a win what about Daniel Jones will be facing the eagles for the first time is excited about the opportunity of being involved in a game of this significance and playing the eagles for the first time in his career we got a good front the whole five guys guys would make plays and then guys in the back into physical and make out because they're good defense but upon first came the reply well ya all the good things in any division known like this you know asking the season really can't stand it on a high note and you know a big game for a lot of reasons but entry for us to to finish strong and put a few wins the other thing the season so we're excited I think will reportedly not the eagles of because the giants fits over the last couple years losing out sixty plus yard field goals in losing in overtime one six in a row against the giants and nineteen of the last twenty three what what a sweet way would be to wrap up two thousand and nineteen goals out of a potential division title a lot on the line at MetLife stadium today it's the giants.

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