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Clark Gable, who the hell's called Gable? I was trying to be there. Chad gable. Oh my goodness. Oh, yes. Oh sorry about that guys. I met. Chad Gable is going to be the it's gonna be the the the the guy because they just made a big a big Ed do made a big stink about having him. Go to five live. He hasn't really done a lot. But he's a great wrestler. If you've seen any stuff he just does a tremendous stuff. Got a new haircut as well. Which is always the good sign of a great wrestler. Yes. Nobody like you, usually if you if you have a little bit of a different divide. They might give you more of a push, you know what I mean. I think it's interesting now for people to show up, what they can do they now have to go to the alternative roster main roster. So, you know, to live N, t now, people are trying to breeze, just went down back back to NFC, and he's gonna, you know, more of a bigger deal than if he was on the main roster. Right. Right. Well, yeah. Exactly. So I think there's a good chance that they're gonna. Put Chad in there. And Chad is going to win the title and do very well from self into a five live and hopefully bring some much needed focus onto that show, which I think, is the wrestling is great which we know but the focus is not really there, too much, if you actually again. Absolutely. I thought that they were going to try and do that. When? Eddie Murphy won the belt a name, which would I think it would have been great for? I agree had any Murphy won the belt. Well, I don't think this really fair to say that Jack but sorry Chad Gable. We think that you're gonna win the cruiserweight title. Well, that's kind of pissed attitude, new under you haven't done anything in Debbie yet. Anyways, Eddie Murphy versus Clark Gable. I think it's where they're going with this. Yes. And. Making his long way to debut. Who who gonna fight last night at George Harrison. We have going on there. We had a. Blaze Bayley was involved. I think, yeah, Keith moon moon. Exactly. Okay. So we say Tony Nicchi versus Chad Gable. I say Chad Gables gonna win throwing him in now I would have to agree with you. I don't think that it would be. I think it would be quick that Nishi to lose been is, if Gable is going to be I would have to agree with you. So, okay. Yeah. Do next in line the do day. Heavier woods, and big e versus Santa Zane Newton and Kevin Owens, kind of thrown together match. I'd say maybe, right. Yes. Seems it seems it. I actually didn't manage to watch the legs episode of rule. So I don't know how this about. I understand Siamese and Kevin. Oh, I understand it putting the new day that. I don't get it. Well, my question is this. I thought they said that big was going to be out for like a year yet. What happened at what do you think it was all the big like a big work to try and fool people or something to make his triumphant return or whatever if they did? They really didn't really. They didn't. They didn't do anything. Yeah. Sure. Why? Well, here's something else to which is right now. Okay. I think what they should have done. If I could be armchair book here for a moment. If you don't mind, Jack she'll know, you know, go ahead. Thanks, man. When they had Kevin Owens as the new member of the new day, remember that I do, and biggie was out, so they replaced them like in one night with Kevin owns and put him in there. I thought for sure it was going to lead to the return of big e who was pissed off that new day replace them in, like one night, and then destroy woods, and then go after Kofi and the title, that's where I thought they're going with. Oh, that could have been really could have been good, right? Could've been yet. Instead, we're kinda right back to square one where it's the new day, okay? Great Cova champion, great Zane and Owens, we've seen them tag for while second on the show. So. But that's kind of show that they all definitely scrambling the the things to do right now. It seems well the thing is we're, we're recording this before smackdown live airs tonight and they could make other five matches. That's do things. We're just going on the matches that we know for sure or know of at least from after Monday night, raw. So you would think the fact of the pay per view, is on like, in five days, that they would have a card set in stone ready and done, but they don't they just have eight matches and we don't know who. Well, they haven't announced who the referee as we know who it is. And that is dark journey. But, but the other people don't know that unless people listen to this show, the not gonna know who the guest referee is no, what you think I if, if the tickets are selling as bad as some people said, not, not, not, what our research is telling us. But if they're selling is about, as some people say, the think they might. Announce everything. I would think so. Oh I can his dogs. Yeah. They're going at it, right. That going nuts. Yeah. Sorry about that guys just ignore the Burki dogs. Let's why them because some doglovers, maybe so might we're very pet friendly here on talk is Jericho very much so pets Jack I do have two dogs. Oh, it was the names, Baz basil named basil Fawlty and Macci named off to the. Macci. Oh, that famous character Macchia. He was amazing on had today's Steptoe famous character from Steptoe and son. I believe it was done the botchy Steptoe and botchy. It was the. The show new Dave Owens insane. Don't seem to reason for the new day to lose their their a package. Tag team going to go with the woods and biggie, Sammy's aim was out for a while that trying to make him kind of like a bit of the one of the bug appoints, it seems on roll. Right. I just because of that. And also, it's kind of, you know, the Bill, I, I say, giving us anything. Okay. Well, let's go once again, keep track at home and let us know on the Twitter at talk is Jericho, which one of us gets the better predictions I, we're moving onto Roman reigns. Versus drew McIntyre, I think they might have just worked each other in, in the unnamed eastern kingdom. But the show that just happened the other day, they just work there. Maybe I don't know. I have no idea did they, they might have worked at super smash brothers, but Raines and McIntyre, worked at wrestlemainia they I think, so. I mean I know that we spoke about this before we were taught. Yes, I'm sure they did drew McIntyre, I'm going to Google is right now just to make sure drew McIntyre Roman wrestlemainia, I guarantee they were rains wrestle drew McIntyre at wrestle may. It is wrestlemainia thirty five. Hillary shoe, okay. Alexis show about okay? Chris issue offense as Alexa, if she knows who Tony Nichii is going to be wrestling at stomping grounds. One niece twenty is Tony knee sees a mystery opponent going to be this Sunday at WWW stomping grounds in Tacoma, Washington and silly, I didn't none his Yance China that new people every day. Okay. Well, soc- the book and committee has not consulted Alexi yet direct which, you know, people think that Alexis one big conspiracy theory, she's listening into everybody. So maybe if we can plant a Alexa unit in the booking meeting, we can maybe here, some of the secret decisions of coming for the next couple of months. Correct, correct beginning to get Alexa, bliss, and the meetings, and everything will be everything will be is that what is the oh, sodas named after Alexa? Did you ever drink something there, Jack nothing? Just visit more curry sauce. I it's, it's just a you know, a fine, vintage of Dr Pepper. Okay. That's fine. That's fine. A little bit of a little bit of a carbonation to suit the throat. Absolutely. Combination. Serb. Talking about a serpent fig, which would be awake, which your dad's should probably wear at some point. I just want to say one thing, actually, I saw a news article was was kind of misleading it was like ACDC member. Hsieh's disgusting backstage votes reveals and it was talking about my father and it was basically click bait. It was a website. I'll even going to mention the name of the website. It's not worth it, but they will saying that my dad had sheds a disgusting backstage Motoo, which is really just him and American literally, he's putting his mannequins knows apparently the disgusting picture. That's come on thing. Yeah. Like the this is terrible journalism in a worse than Alger on this show. If you could call it we do journalism, but you can't call there. So it's Chris Slade picking the nose of Matic backstage, that ACC concert, disgusting. That's, that's shoddy journalism. Now, if the mannequin was picking Chris lays knows. I'd be puking all over the floor. Absolutely. I count believe that anyone would want to see. I would be outraged as such a travesty had that happened. Yeah. Okay. So what do we do with this rains McIntyre seems like busy work for both of them? I think both should be should be working for the world title. At some point you Nick. So I thought they were going to do with drew. They kind of made such a big deal about him coming back. Although I suppose maybe, you know, it's considered I guess booking with Roman. I suppose would be considered a big opportunity. Okay. Well, let's who's drew mcintyre's. Oh, drew mcintyre's friend, Shane McMahon. Right. Oh, I see what you're going here. I think Shane is going to interfere caused Roman to lose and drew to win with sets drew for championship run a championship opportunity with Seth Rollins and then rains in Shane fall, mainly on the plane on the next pay per view, which is actually called the rains in Spain. Full mainly on the plane. They're gonna call it that maybe as being held in Madrid. Good point. Exactly. And I think that's going to be in summer fest, actually, is where they're going to do that match rains versus chains shrink message going to be chain Shane Douglas as well as gonna come. Michael Douglas will be there. Shane Helms is going to be there. Shane hill. The he's gonna he's make pretend Douglas Fairbanks, I think is going to be around. Maybe. It's going to be as level. I think you can't use that word because that guy's not commentator anymore. Oh, God is going to be a, what a maneuver Waterman. Yeah. They what do what do. Yeah. Okay. So some Saying, saying. I'm predicting that is that McMahon is going to your fear leads to McIntyre and Seth at summer fest and Roman Shane's versus rain McMahon in some kind of know blow up your father barb, wire, super tack match is going to be a dog journey on a pole match while. Dark journey on a pole in one corner, and Marcus Bagwell's mum on a pole near the corner. They actually did do Judy. Bhagwan Opole Masjun. They didn't yet. And they wanted to win our company fails. Okay. So we move on. We're gonna leave all snide remarks about this company behind 'cause even though we're band. We're not bitter bad band, but not bitter. The stomping grounds preview. The does not want you to hear is kind of, we're talking about here as you move onto. Some, some wa Joe as a. No. You love that versus when we come precaution. Rico head re recall kit. Somewhat Joe versus record it..

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