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Informal we have to tell you to Mazda said your husband than some packaged in mouth towels. Several days. Before American army came to a set kemp said was like a death sentence for me. I had really hoped all time. We would be feminine again and eventually that feedback how it used to be. been vanity alleged never ever happen and became more depressed sentences account. Because in the campaign to use all mustangs to stay alive. Because assault get bank eventually to the same knife at before but bonetti alleged can never ever happen. I've wanted to commit suicide. Found Dave ran not, Of Massa, dad she headed. Date first of January nineteen, forty six. Man. Said Life Without. End My father is completely useless and I don't really want to carry on living. So in the camp at never ever saw the giving up but then after watts of us. A miserable because he alleged, how can that exit spit out my family in a stage county because we had lived alien freedom only a few months in Holland. Than Already occupied. Hiding so Holland, on for me a stage continuity. and. Felt completely lost. Ends AD for of hatred, of course. Event later on holiday to Switzerland. Because auto at. Fantasies. And a her German which was my mastung have felt like ice. Could Stand Evans language. So it was. Really extremely hard to try to make another life again. Yes. You know when I talk to my grandma who lost both her mother and father in the concentration camp of channel? No. According to the Red Cross. She talked to me in very graphic terms about having to say goodbye to them at Vienna station at a train station. Heading, for Prague, and that she had what can be best described as another breakdown. When she came to England without any money at all, but just a sister. Who Live nearby and they were housemates. They were around city is old and then. Something deep inside them. Made them want to live reconstitute their lives. Find Mary. And that's that's that's what they did. They settled down they lived in in one room in Sutton Coldfield. On the outskirts of Birmingham and they started to rebuild their lives and when I think about the progress they cheap in Birmingham by nineteen, fifty five, they had their own shopping business they had their own with mortgage. My grandpa on the poos because he was a football expert, he wants something like four hundred pounds because a lot of money and he bought a fridge in a television and all these kind of beautiful things..

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