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Attorneys for President Trump again. Seeking to block of prosecutors access to his tax returns. President Trump's legal team calls the subpoena a form of harassment. If they can't block it, they hope to atleast severely limited scope. Move comes after the U. S. Supreme Court ruled the subpoena filed by Manhattan D. A. Cyrus Vance Jr could be challenged. Vance wanted the personal and corporate returns as he investigated efforts to silence to women who claimed to have had affairs with then candidate Trump. During the 2016 campaign claims the president has continually denied. The two sides have until mid August to get all of their legal challenges into the court. GURNAL Scott Fox, New Hawaii man has pleaded guilty to what prosecutors call extreme cyber stalking Laura Nakamura admitting in court He sent more than 500 people, including food delivery drivers, repairman and even prostitutes to a family's home in Utah over an 18 month period on top of sending them threatening messages and ducks ing them. Well because he felt one of the family members had slighted him. He'll be sentenced in October. Garmin says some of its systems are coming back online after what it now admits was a cyber attack. The GPS and wearable fitness gadgets company acknowledges that it was hit in a short customers that there's no indication there data was compromised. But hackers encrypted some of its systems knocking. It's fitness tracking a pilot navigation services. Offline Garment did not specify that Ransomware was to blame. That's when hackers infiltrated companies network and using Encryption to scramble data until payment is received. But a person familiar with the incident tells The Associated Press that Attackers had turned over decryption keys that would allow garment to unlock the data scrambled in the attack. Garment had no comment on ransom. The company may have paid Hillary Barsky Fox.

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