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In the past, most GSC administrators have made their judgments based on media projections. But Murphy has not done so just yet. A significant change coming for drivers who travel along 93 into the city of Boston. State. Transportation officials did away with the car pool lane on Route 93 south in Medford in Somerville last year. They turned the lane into an extra traveling for all vehicles to relieve congestion on the Tobin Bridge, where roadwork was getting underway. The Conservation Law Foundation whose Big Dig era lawsuit created the carpool lane threatened to sue, but the state and foundation of reached an agreement averting a lawsuit. And restoring the carpool lane. Beginning Monday, the H O V Lane will again be restricted to vehicles with two or more occupants. During weekday morning rush hours this weekend, Cruise will work overnights to install new road signs to notify drivers about the change. Mike Macklin WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. Yeah, but do you have the story? I've been doing traffic for 23 years. I have yet to see this by way of an over hyped truck over on soldiers filled road. This truck driver actually turned their truck are grounded is driving the wrong way without any assistance. The whole cover story with traffic on the three days I've never seen this before in my life would be easy. Boston's news radio traffic in two minutes Your house is haunted. Late one cold, windy night, you and your honey bomber in the family room eating kettle corn, watching dancing with the stars suddenly out of the corner of your eye By the closed window, the currents begin to move on the room house is haunted or it could be. You need to call us right window. We see fluttering curtains Hall of time. That's because with old windows.

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