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In the thanks again kind of underpants. Do i wear thank you for joining us for. We say things episode one fifteen suns fan with syndrome and suzy is very interested in what type of underpants where i. I can't sadly it's downstairs. So i can't show you maybe we'll make this a segment later on for another episode. We can put that in notch that and we were we were talking about. What kind of boxers or underpants we wear and i was convinced that you wore tidy. Whitey's and i'm shocked to hear that you don't it's weird. Yeah i yeah i just. Don't i I wear boxer. Briefs i'm sorry to disappoint and i have yet. I say oath wear boxer briefs anticipation of course. I think people no offense to be the people that do are tidy whitey. That are adults. I find that very strange. And that's why. I thought that you would have won them. Because i'm very strange. It would fit perfectly. I literally can't picture you. Thank you without tidy. Whitey is on. i can't. I can't do it anyway. Yeah episode one fifteenth center in We got some shots for our patrons or beautiful in bruges patrons This first name. I thank you to your friend andrew. It's has zero or zero vowels. Thank you semper pies. It has the why why is not always available. It so bowel here. Oh actually j. right. Maybe it's a constant under semper fi. Hakuna matata the guy in the chair. Lucas frankel commander donut. I'm playing position. Five in real life. Bread sheeran banzai wiseguy. Chicken potpie truecar. Playing driving online is so shitty. His second spell should be called victor. Blast the mega pope. It's time to rhyme the lime of crime and time to water elephants. ti in new zealand. Zan xavier nathan zero one. Hams croat's bacon. And this is the only time i'm not gonna put up a fucked up name here. I just want to give a shot at my good friend. Oem or gym or ogm..

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