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Hello and welcome my name is john august my name is craig and this is episode three hundred forty nine of script notes a podcast about screenwriting and things that are interesting to screenwriters today on the show we'll be talking about the tools we use to get things written for me that's highland to the screaming that is finally coming out of beta but there's also outlining treatments and all the other things that right is right we'll be talking about that we'll also be answering questions from the huge tax that of piled up over the past few weeks but first craig we have guests for our live show it's going to be now these live shows these are the ones we do to benefit hollywood heart these tend to be are kind of biggest live shows these alleged shows where we've had our ryan johnson's and we've had our david benef dan weiss is and we've had all sorts of big big fans are jason bateman yeah had our jason bateman for these and this one no exception may be honestly our best lineup yet so what eleven with this lineup is like their people doing very different things but also kind of similar things when you think about it so so our guests are at least a joy at jodi nolan they are the co creators and show voters of westworld and hbo show that it's fantastic it's one of my favorite shows because i am a robot there for moving four the robots stor but we didn't stop there we also invited christopher markus and stephen mcfeely they are the co creators and show runners of the vendors franchise so they are the folks who are writing the capture american movies they wrote the most recent vendors movie that upcoming vendors movie so we're gonna be talking with all four of them about writing big cinemax stories that take place over multiple episodes that are hugely complicated that have spoilers in secrets they're under intense spotlights i think he was going to be great conversation just to point out that christopher and stephen their movie adventures in finnity war i believe is his had the biggest opening weekend of any movie of all time.

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