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And i usually do bathing indoor carty and they said do you talk to the former landrover about how similar karting is to driving a formula. One car oviously massive differences. Are there any parallels. Yeah i mean there's definitely parallels i mean i think specifically with the shifter car so gearbox car i think it is really one of the probably the closest thing to an f one car in terms of like power to weight ratio than fullerton. I would say so. I don't know the actual numbers by harbour. I would. I would think so before being informed the one. That's what i was always told. It's the closest thing to a formula one cars. But yeah i mean obviously it's very physical as well. Karting and formula cars is a completely different kind of physicality. I mean carting. You get beat up much more especially. It's a bumpy track having to use a gearbox card you know what's driving with one hand and a lotta time on the wheel and you just really get the bruised and battered whereas if formula cars whether it's know formula two or an olympic car formula one. It's much more kind much. Wears you down much more. Because it's you know very progressive but prolonged. Jeez let's say so. Not as bumpy smooth ride got gotta seat. That's to your body so it's more comfortable as well but it just kinda wears you down from like the time on time under tension type thing. Yes interesting so bitter that before belgium. Maybe would it be about idea to get back driving something Before belgium every time after the radio so weird when you jump back in the car. It's almost like going to jump in. After the winter break is the first time you sit in the car and the first lap just like. Oh it's been a while so it spowers it yeah it's not a half-hearted places that'd be very high speed yeah flat through jarreau gotta be done on the i got and that's always a little competition in junior categories for lot flat out nella..

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