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Weeks ago it was the chair of the congressional black caucus joyce beatty arrested for protesting voting rights in the senate. Hart building a week ago. With georgia congressman hank johnson and today it was texas congresswoman sheila jackson-lee arrested in the same place for the same reason. You can see her. Being handcuffed in white zip ties. She was later placed inside a police van. She later tweeted this photo of herself in handcuffs or caption quote. I will never stop fighting for voting rights. The time is now to move. The voting rights bill in the us senate forward enough is enough hashtag. Good trouble. The protests and resulting arrests are part of a summer of action on voting rights in the list of reasons to fight just keeps on growing. Today this was the headline in the atlanta journal-constitution georgia republicans take first step to fulton elections takeover. Fulton county is the largest county in the state one tenth of all georgians lift that live there. It's where atlanta is at voted overwhelmingly for joe biden also contains a sizeable proportion of the state's black voters. The paper obtained a letter showing that two dozen republican state senators support a performance review of the fulton county elections chief. They have the power to request this. Thanks to the restrictive voting bill. That georgia passed earlier this year. According to that bill state senate bill two oh to the state can replace any local election official with enough republican support. The chairman of the fulton county board of commissioners democrat is sounding the alarm saying this is blatant republican attempt to take control of the us senate from democrats and retain the governorship in two thousand twenty. Two quote it's been rhetoric until this point. This letter is the first official step in the process. We've got allies in the legislator. We've got the courts and the court of public opinion. The law as currently stands is on their side at the federal level. Democrats continue to do what they can to address exactly this sort of thing with efforts to pass the for. The people act currently stalled senate. Democrats are preparing to unveil a new voting rights bill as soon as this week. Several centers including raphael warnock. Amy klobuchar and joe manchin are huddled or all huddled inside leader. Chuck schumer's office yesterday to discuss the legislation and the momentum is building the new york times and nbc. News both report. The president biden will meet with speaker. Nancy pelosi and leader schumer tomorrow to voting rights legislation. The need for action could not be more pressing today. Texas state democrats who fled their state to block a restrictive voting. Bill testified before congress about the desperate need for federal action to block voter suppression efforts. At home this is a practical implication. That's going to disenfranchise hundreds and thousands of votes of texans. And that's why we here. We tried to work with our counterparts but every amendment that we present it was declined. Where where was that in committee. Yes sir and committee on the twenty three hours. There were amendments that were presented even during the regular session when we presented amendments. They were not always admitted. So we have tried. We've used every tool in our toolbox to collaborate with our colleagues. The only thing left is to come to congress and ask for federal intervention. Which is literally what they're doing joining us now. Senator alex padilla democratic senator from california former secretary of state of california who knows a lot about state voting rights. Senator good to see you. Thank you for being with us. What what the texas representative. We're saying there is exactly what they're doing. They literally left their state and went to make their case at the federal government. They said we can do what we can do. And we are willing to do it under pain of arrests. They are all threatened with arrest when they go back but they said we need the fed's get involved you and i've had this discussion before it can happen. But there are still some holdouts at the federal level with you allie. And you're absolutely right. So we we thank the texas. Legislators for their here was them in elevating not just the importance of these voter protections that we are trying to get past but to urge because twenty twenty two election is around the corner and it should not take another selma to get the conscience of the united states senate of course the house of representatives has already passed the for the people act on the president's desk between no he will sign and so Just want everybody to know. We are not giving up the fight. There's been a lot of focus on infrastructure lightly but voting rights continues to be a top priority. We hope to in detail a new proposal in in. maybe the next week. Talk to me about that. What do you do it interesting. That be a new proposal but we do have two proposals. They're already what. What do you do to break the logjam here. A with republicans but be with some people in the democratic party to have them say. Hey look we need to filibuster once and for all for things that are important. Voting rights right well You know we sort of pick up where we left off. We had a measure on the floor that only received fifty votes on emotion to proceed to begin discussion to begin the debates but frankly that was a measure that up until shortly before the vote did not have all fifty democrats. Well guess what we start with a united democratic caucus when you have not just myself and leader schommer but senator a mansion and saturday all in the room coalescing around eight proposal that starting from an even stronger position and so the people act as a model with the experience of not just california but especially california showing how all these measures actually work. They strengthen the integrity of our election and make it easier for people to participate. That's our democracy is supposed to be about. I think we gained momentum in either appealing to ten of our republican colleagues or short of that potentially reforming or eliminating the filibuster to senator i. I really wanted to talk to you on this topic because of your experience as the secretary of state there all sorts of things going on in this country making it harder for people to vote. Ballot-boxes voted hours. Things like that but president biden made the point. That one could organize around that. It's not what we should be doing in this country but you can figure that out what they're doing georgia you can't figure that out. This idea of removing an elections official so as to control the outcome of elections. There's no way to out organize that that that that is anti-democratic and that's time is of the essence. One could argue. Well i if it's that much of a violation of the spirit not the language of the federal voting rights. Check by the time we litigated. And it's appealed in all cream court. I'm capable those chances so again. Important tend to urgency with which we need to act and knowing that it has to and places like california colorado seventy so all. These reforms are proven reforms that By the way uphold the nineteen ninety three national voter registration act. It's that i referred to in that here. We had an atlanta a week and a half ago. Way is in federal statute. That government has not just an opportunity a responsibility to facilitate voter participation. That bet needs making you fees. You're eligible people to register to stay registered that'd be purged from the roles in options for how to cast their ballots. Senator good to see you. California senator alex padilla. We appreciate your time tonight. We'll be right back and that does it for us tonight. We'll see you again tomorrow. The rachel maddow show we did during on. Msnbc whether it's the politics of climate change the effect of state marijuana laws or the challenges of racial injustice. Get your daily dose of enlightening articles. At msnbc daily ridden perspective by people know entrust like menendez tackling the issue of immigration medicine weighing in on voter suppression and frank big luzi writing about national security along with michael steele offering take on the republican party lists plank commented on gender issues and two others plus a fresh take every morning from me haze brown start your day with msnbc daily at msnbc dot com..

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